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Dear HeartCry Missionary Board and Leadership!

We give thanks to God! Thank you so much, HeartCry Missionary Society, for helping us financially for the past five years. Since being supported by HeartCry with monthly financial support, I have been given peace by God in the financial sphere for my family. We believe this is His great blessing for my family. With HeartCy’s monthly financial support, our family’s life has been more stable in daily living expenses. We don’t have to be deprived like before.

HeartCry’s mentoring and profound care has brought us joy and happiness, forming in me a Christian life, a servant of God, more refined in terms of my character traits. Thanks to your care, we have been more motivated for our responsibility during the past five years. We do not dare to slack off but always keep ourselves.

We thank God and are always grateful to you for your gracious and beneficial deeds. You are God’s “extended arm” holding our family’s life for the past five years. Through your financial and spiritual help, we have a stronger Christian life. We love His word even more. Shouldn’t it be self-proclaimed!

We are incredibly grateful to God. Your love, righteousness, loyalty, and perseverance have always been excellent examples, motivating us to continue volunteering, committing and trying harder for our responsibilities, and serving our work.

May the Triune God always have abundant grace on all of you!

Binh B.