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I am thankful to God, who calls me as a minister in His field by His Grace. Moreover, I am also grateful to my sending church and HeartCry, who sponsors me in many matters like financial support, prayer, teaching, and biblical counsel. When I see God’s sources and blessings, I feel I don’t do anything ( and this is also true), but by God’s grace and power, He uses me for the ministry of teaching and preaching.

I’m growing spiritually and in my understanding of the scripture and maturing through the weekly teaching with HeartCry. Also, my family is increasing spiritually very well. Every evening we have bible study and prayer meeting. My son has read and made a reflection paper on the book Marks of Messenger, by Mack Stiles in Urdu, and my kids have started to read the book 20 Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem in Urdu.

I am teaching three classes with different church members. My main topics in these classes are “What is Gospel?” and “What is a Healthy Church?”. Hopefully, those listening are understanding very well.
I encourage some Christian leaders, like pastors or evangelists, to understand the gospel and healthy church biblically. I am also trying to prepare people for church membership and church discipline by teaching and personal counseling. Hopefully, soon we will be able to start the practice of these things.

I know I am not able by my knowledge, maturity, and understanding, but by grace and God’s power. I have even preached sermons on the Christian tv channel. I’m presently seeking to find a meeting place for a local church. Please pray I find this by the will of God. I need the wisdom of Christ and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I seek to lead, preach and take decisions by His will and walk faithfully with God, by His grace.

Again I’m thankful to God and HeartCry and my sending church.
In Christ your servant and brother,

Joshua R.