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Dear friends and supporters,

Our family would love to send you, all our friends and supporters in HeartCry, our love of Jesus Christ. May God’s grace and peace be with you all in abundance.

I am also thankful to the Lord that our church had peace in God and the gathering in January. Our brothers and sisters have grown a lot spiritually, and we see the love of God and the preciousness of Jesus’ blood on the cross for humanity. However, so many families have difficulties financially that made them work very far from home and unable to be with the church. Nevertheless, we are thankful to God, especially when the government has been very supportive these years and our church worships the Lord in peace.

Regarding discipleship, visiting and evangelism, I am thankful to God we are still faithful in the alternative weekly Bible classes. We often visited, prayed, and encouraged families who were having difficulties and sickness so that they can endure under God’s sovereignty. I am thankful that God reminds us our hard labor in Him is not in vain.

In January, my co-elder and I taught baptism’s doctrine to a man inquiring into the faith. He accepted the teaching on baptism and dedicated the rest of his life to pursue and serve the Lord his God. I am so thankful. We baptized him in a local river.

Please pray for our church and our brothers and sisters in this place that they will earn enough to live and serve the Lord. Please also pray that God may protect us against another outbreak of the Covid19.

My wife and I give thanks to the Lord and HeartCry Missionary Society for all your meaningful help and support. We remember you constantly in our prayers that you will all be kept safely in the middle of the pandemic. It is always our honor to be working for the Lord alongside you.
Yours faithfully,

Giang T.