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Praise God for leading our church to pass through 2020 safely. Although we have had many difficulties in the past year, we also have a lot of gratitude. Although the pandemic has restricted our actions, God’s good news could never be bound.

From February to May 2020, due to the pandemic, we were confined at home, and the church could not gather together for worship. We could only gather through Zoom. Since we had never done this before, it was very chaotic at the beginning. Through Zoom, we could directly listen to Paul Washer’s teaching live. Through his teaching, the brothers and sisters have developed a deeper understanding of the church and become more committed, which has tremendously blessed my ministry. I am here once again to say thank you very much.

Last year, the most grateful thing was that although one family left, God added fifteen new members to the church. With the ingathering, this is the largest increase in the church in recent years. Now, over one hundred members and nonmembers attending the service make the place where we meet now seem crowded. We are also considering changing locations, but it is not easy under the pandemic. Please pray for us more.

In August last year, our church started to think about better serving the local churches in our region by and with your encouragement and guidance. For our small church and my inexperience, I dared not think about it. However, by the grace of God, we started a leadership training ministry in October. There were almost twenty participating churches across the region. After several training sessions, their feedback was that their churches lacked such training. We launched the internship program in November last year. There are now two interns in the church.

However, due to the lack of practical pastoral experience and understanding of healthy churches, the church planting path was very difficult. Therefore our church provided an opportunity to serve them and bless their churches. In the past months, I have seen their changes and growth, and I have also seen their efforts. Of course, there are shortcomings. I accompany them to face these problems and grow with them. In this process, the challenge is that I am young and inexperienced, and I always feel insufficient to help and guide them. Please pray for us especially. At this moment, the pandemic situation on our side has become severe again. It has brought specific difficulties to the internship program, but I am grateful that it has not yet reached the shutdown state, so we can still do something to achieve the internship’s effect.

Thank you very much, HeartCry, for many years of help and guidance,

Pastor G.

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Patience Rewarded

Patience Rewarded