Thank God that throughout the past month God has kept my family and children healthy; thank Him not only for physical health, but also for our spiritual well being.

Thank God for our personal spiritual life, God blesses us everyday so that we are strong enough to live and work for Him. Last month the Lord taught us through the Book of Philippians, that the Apostle Paul was in prison but by the grace of the Lord he lived in joy. In the Lord, Paul called for unity, humility, and perseverance in the faith of the Philippians. Through this epistle the Lord teaches us that we serve the Lord without the hardships of imprisonment as in the days of Paul. Though we face face many difficulties and challenges in Vietnam through persistent temptations, we cannot give up or stop serving God. By God’s grace we rejoice in the Lord and persevere in the life of faith, and this is one of the important reasons to follow the Lord by serving the Church. Thank God that the Lord makes progress in us spiritually, because he is faithful, caring for us in His word.

In our local church this last month we have served as we normally do: praying, visiting members, caring for the church in accord with the will of God in order to disciple members of the church. Discipling believers and evangelism those who do not believe are the focal points and also the important tasks that God wants to see in our ministry.

Even though we worked a lot and the work has progressed only a little, we thank God for the opportunity to serve Him. We are thankful to God for His goodness for our church because the members are be strengthened in faith everyday. We believe that the growth of the Church of God is not massive, but rather like the raindrops permeating the grass and flowers. The word of God must not be divorced from preaching but be preached in accordance with the Bible and require time for development, as we trust in God to cause fruit to be borne.

Please servant of God, your people keep praying for us, and please God use us in Vietnam for the glory of His name. May the Triune God continually bless you His who as His chosen servants and do more for His work. Amen!

Sincerely, Binh B.