As a family, we are continuing to study the Scriptures and we are talking with our children with regard to their salvation and the Christian life. My and wife and I are making an effort to apply in our family the teaching that I received in Lima regarding biblical counseling, which Pastor Oscar Arocha from the Dominican Republic taught at the recent conference. Personally, I am studying the Scriptures systematically, while also developing the assignments that I have for the courses in Lima on Inductive and Deductive Bible Study. I recently finished the book, “The Jesus You Can’t Ignore,” by John MacArthur.

Regarding our health, we are better. My sons have begun taking anti-parasite medication. My wife is also improving with the treatment she is receiving. The brothers and sisters of the church are experiencing, along with us, the difficulties as a result of the havoc of the recent flood. We are encouraging one another with the Scriptures and reminding ourselves of the account of our great and sovereign God’s continual faithfulness to His people in the midst of adversity during the 40 years that they wandered in the wilderness.

On May 2, I visited a man named Isidro. He recently had a bad automobile accident. He listened to the message of the Gospel, but there were no signs of repentance. We agreed that I would continue to visit him in his home. The following day, I visited Cristobal, the brother that is paralyzed and confined to his bed. He was very happy and encouraged when we gave him his new wheel chair that we brought from Lima. Lord willing, in June he will travel to Lima to begin his therapy. When we were visiting with them the following week, my wife and I were speaking with Josefa, Cristobal’s wife. She is very overwhelmed with all of the suffering and challenges of caring for her husband, which is a responsibility that requires her energy night and day. Thankfully, she is being strengthened spiritually, which is giving her strength to bear up under the sorrows. Her children also help her with some of the responsibility.

I also spoke with a man named Manual. He was recently scammed out of a lot of money and was mortified by it. I took advantage of the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, but his heart is set on his money and his job. While riding in a taxi, I shared the Gospel with the driver. He was very attentive to what I was saying, and he even told me that he agreed with the message that I shared with him. I told him that if he really understood what I had told him, then he should call out to God for forgiveness of sins and follow Christ. He lives in a village that is far from San Rafael.

Toward the end of the month, I spoke with my niece’s husband, who is part of an unhealthy church, in which he has become very involved in the music ministry. As a result of that commitment, he has nearly abandoned his wife and his son. I counseled him and told him that he needs to go home and ask his wife and son for forgiveness for his neglect. He was moved to conviction and he told me that his pastor had never told him these things. He told me that he thought what he was doing was okay. He returned home and his wife was very affected by the change. He asked me to come to their house to continue counseling the two of them.