My wife and I recently received an invitation to attend the birthday celebration for my aunt, Andrea. She just turned 91 and has been a believer for 57 years. She is very respected and very loved by the other believers and by her neighbors. The highlight for many at the celebration was when she quoted from memory the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. She has raised eight children and they are all believers. She is a woman of prayer, and each day she rises at 4 o’clock in the morning to pray—she told me that she would begin to pray for me regularly. 

I was asked to share a meditation from God’s word, and following the message, many were in tears, including her children and grandchildren. There were many people in attendance that came from different parts of the country. Several of them were Christians, but many of them were unbelievers. There were doctors, lawyers, university students, etc. I noticed that the Lord was breaking hearts, and my own heart was broken as I saw what the Lord was doing. It was a very special time. Andrea, with tears, asked that, when she dies, I would preach her funeral service. 

I believe God is now opening up another door for preaching the gospel. Not only do I have the opportunity to preach at funerals, but now it seems that even birthday parties present an opportunity to preach God’s word. Brothers and sisters, please pray that the Lord would continue opening doors for the preaching of His word.