Greetings and many blessings in your homes and ministries.

This month was difficult for my family due to my travels and my wife’s illness, but spiritually, it was a great blessing for us. Early in the month I spoke with a sister from our church named Maria. Her house was recently robbed, and she came face-to-face with the thieves. Thanks to the Lord’s protection, they did not harm her. She is a very generous sister and she is a big help to the brothers and sisters in the church. She is the single-mother of four children, since her husband abandoned her for being a Christian.

I also spoke with Julio, a brother that lives in a town called Wimbayo. He is beginning a church plant in his town, and he always calls on me to ask counsel. I will be giving him different materials and resources to help him in his ministry. After visiting with him, I went to La Libertad where brother Amado is pastoring the church plant. His wife has cancer, and they were discouraged by the news, so I went to encourage them. They seemed to be relieved by our time together, and they are trusting in the Lord as they confront this awful disease.

I was also able to visit with a married couple that was at the point of separating. They are members of an unbiblical church in our town, which runs purely on emotion and has no power in confronting the problems this couple is facing in their marriage. I spoke with them about the need for repentance for the forgiveness of sins, and only then will they be able to consider the other problems that have infiltrated their marriage. Though they insist that they are Christians, the fruit in their lives suggest that they have not come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

On the 26th a young lady name Leny arrived at our house at night, desperate. Some time ago I shared the Word with her, but she had no interest in the things of God because she is walking in the vanities of youth. Recently someone told her that they had done witchcraft on her, and that as a result she is now sick. I told her that her sickness is not her problem, but that her problem is sin. I again shared with her from the Word and we agreed to continue meeting together. The next day she returned. As I was sharing with her about the Gospel, she repented of her sins. The pains and afflictions she was fighting have begun to disappear. Before, she had gone to the local witchdoctor in an attempt to heal her of her sickness, and had paid 800 soles [$270], but she continued in pain. The witchdoctor told her not to eat certain foods, but I told her that food could not harm her. Leny and her husband are now attending our church, but her husband is not a Christian.

Beloved brothers and sisters, many, many thanks for your prayers.

May the Lord richly bless you all.