On the first of the month I shared the gospel with Allen and his wife Purification. They are Catholics, but they are willing to hear the gospel. I also visited sister Ernestina, who is 82 years old. She was diagnosed with a partial hemorrhage. She is married to a younger man that is an alcoholic, which really torments her. A few days later I returned to visit Ernestina and the hemorrhage had been further aggravated. The following day her condition worsened and I had to carry her to her bed because she was sitting at the doorway of the house due to the intense heat inside. Two days later, our sister Ernestina passed away. Her family members gave us complete freedom to preach during the days of the funeral ceremonies. We held a service in the evening and almost the entire town was in attendance. She was very dear to the town because when there were no nurses or doctors in our village, she would tend to the women during delivery. We buried Ernestina on the 18th of April and I preached the gospel at the cemetery.

This past month I also visited Diego, who is in bed because of an accident in which he broke his right leg. Thanks be to God, they didn’t have to amputate the leg. His mother is still very hurt because her husband is in prison. I shared the Word of God with them and with tears she told me that she wants to follow Christ. Since then she has been congregating with our church faithfully.

Toward the end of the month I traveled to the town of Bellavista where brother Elmer lives. For the second time, we went together to visit a school-teacher named Elva. When we visited her before and shared the gospel with her she thanked us for the visit, but she said she was Catholic and did not need us to share the gospel with her. She has now been sick for seven years, and as we shared the gospel with her once again her attitude was totally different than the last time. She told us that she was repentant from the heart and that she was ready to submit to the will of the Lord with regard to her life. She confessed that she is ready to leave and be with the Lord if that is His will for her. She has diabetes, they have to do dialysis three times each day, she doesn’t eat, and they had to amputate one of her legs.

Beloved and faithful brothers and sisters, many thanks for your prayers on our behalf and also for your support of my family and me. May the Lord bless you all greatly.