Thank you brothers and sisters for your love and prayers for our family and our church!

The words of Christ to his disciples come to mind,

“Lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest”.

We are almost through with the anthropology lesson at the bible school. I am very glad that the Lord gives our brothers and sisters the desire to study theology. I pray that the truths of the Scriptures would find their practical applications in the lives of these people and their families. We continue to study the book of Judges with a group of men on Tuesdays. There were two newcomers, one of them stopped coming but the other one still attends. His name is Vitaly. It seems that the Lord is at work in His life.

We also had a meeting with pastors of the churches from Isilkul and Pavlovsk. The purpose of the meeting was to plan a summer conference in Petropavlovsk. It was a great encouragement in the Lord to see the faces of our brothers, to hear the preaching of Bakhid (HeartCry Missionary Bakhid N.) from the book of Kings and pray together.

Recently I got a call from a brother named Dinar, who is of the Tatar descent. He asked me to visit his friend and share the gospel with him. A few days later I took my bible and a guitar and went to see this man. His name is Sasha. He is a long-time drug user. To my surprise he was very hospitable and very attentive to the Word of God. I tried to explain to him the horrible state of the sinner without Christ before God and to convey to him the call to reconciliation with God through Christ from 2 Cor. 5:18-21. Please pray for the salvation of this man.

I went to see my mom in February to give the gospel to her again and shared with her from Luke 8:19-21. She accepts everything I explain to her from the Scriptures and sees the connection of what I say and what is written. She is excited about how accessible the preaching about Christ is, and sometimes I think she is excited about the very person of Christ as well. But whenever we start talking about personal acceptance of Christ as the Lord and Savior she expresses her hesitations and disbelief in the supernatural nature of the gospel.

Family worship time was one of the most blessed and important things that took place this month. Liana (my wife) and I decided to read through Paul Tripp’s ‘Age of Opportunity’ with our kids. In addition to that, the study of anthropology and the first two chapters of the book of Judges where we can clearly see the inability of Israel to bring up their children in the knowledge of God. All these truths that I have been studying in February shed a special light onto my personal sins in my relationship with my wife and kids. I thought and prayed a lot about this and confessed this sin before God and before my family. I am thankful for my family and for God’s grace shown to me.

The month ended with my wife and I deciding to invite the families involved in ministry at our church for dinner and fellowship so that we may serve them. There were four families that came, I preached from the book of Judges 2:20, we prayed and had dinner together. Our children David and Angelina tried their best to serve our guests. The next day one of the families called and told us this fellowship time was very precious to them and that it strengthened their faith that the Lord is at work within our local church. I ask that you pray for the purity of my heart and for my devotion to Jesus, my family, the church and the gospel.