The Main Points by Andrew Fuller in His Charge Missionaries Prior to Their Parting

There is, to be sure, a great disparity between your mission and that of Christ. He came to offer himself a sacrifice for sin, and by his blood to obtain eternal salvation for poor lost sinners. Yet, notwithstanding this disparity, there are various points of likeness between your undertaking and that of your Lord and Master.

  1. There is an analogy between the OBJECTS of Christ’s mission, and those of yours. The great objects of his mission were, to glorify God, and to seek and save lost souls, and yours are the same.
  2. Christ, in the execution of his mission, was under the DIRECTION of him that sent him, and you must be the same.
  3. Christ in the execution of his mission, had great DIFFICULTIES and trials to encounter, and you must expect the same.
  4. Christ was not sent forth in his undertaking without a promise of support in it, and a glorious REWARD for it… The divine father promised him souls for his hire; that he should see the travail of his soul, and be satisfied. And herein, as the father sent him, so sends he you. You also shall have your reward.

Go then, dear brethren, stimulated by these prospects. We shall meet again. Crowns of glory await you and us.