In September, missionary pastor Bill Issa in Kampala, Uganda made us aware of an urgent health need for his wife, Priscilla. Multiple doctors were agreed in their concern over a pre-cancerous condition and recommended immediate surgery. Priscilla is the mother of six children. Because of your generosity as donors, we were able to fund the operation. Here is her note of gratitude:

“Dear brother S.R.,

I greet you in Jesus name. This is your sister Priscilla, wife of your missionary in Uganda, Bill Issa. I want to use this opportunity to thank you, together with all the staff and donors of HeartCry, for being used by God to reach out to us with a love gift that was needed in order to save my life. I want also to inform you that I’m doing much better these days by the mercy of the Lord. I’ll always be grateful to the Lord for HeartCry’s staff and donors.

Brother, please extend my gratitude to all the staff and donors of HeartCry. May the Lord bless you all dear brother.”

In Christ,