Kenyan Savannah

University students have proven to be fertile ground for biblical truth and sound doctrine in Africa.  Pastors John Akeyo and Joseph Okech have been trying to gain access to colleges in Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city.  Just before the COVID-19 lockdown, a door finally opened.  Pastor John writes:

“Our focus for March 2020 was establishing outreach ministry at a college in Nakuru known as African Institute of Research Development and Studies (AIRDS). It is situated in the midst of Nakuru town. Sometime late in December 2019, Elder Joseph and I tried to reach out to this college, seeking ministry opportunities with students, but to no avail. Again at the beginning of March this year we visited the same college again with the intention of beginning a Bible study with the students. 

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John and Joseph

This time God enabled us meet the Principal of the college. In the past we had tried to meet him but he was always engaged, but this time round he was free at his office. The Principal was very welcoming. After a short chat, he called the Dean of Students and the Christian Union (CU) Patron and said that they are the people in charge of Christian activities at the college. We met with the two staff members, explaining our desire to share God’s word with the students. On this matter they were very excited. With surprise on their faces, they said “You have done well to come. All along we have been wondering where we could get preachers who could come to preach God’s Word at our college.” 

To them this was an answered prayer. They rejoiced greatly and thanked God very much for sending us. Without hesitation, they told us there was opportunity the very next week, on Wednesday, to share the gospel. We were surprised by how quickly they responded, and we gladly accepted the invitation as an answered prayer and an open door. 

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Overflowing crowd of students

The Christian Union at (AIRDS) is comprised mainly of various Protestant churches and other ‘Christian’ denominations. Here one does not expect good order of program, and it was a bit chaotic. We persevered with their various presentations of singing and dancing which took almost three-fourths of the time allocated for this CU gathering. The time left for preaching was very little. It was obvious that God’s word is not given the reverence it deserves. 

What really surprised us was the number of students who assembled. Initially we thought we could only get around twenty students but that was not the case at all. A good number of students filled the college hall while others sat outside the hall. If counted, their number may have reached more than a hundred. 

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John preaching

When the opportunity for preaching finally came, Elder Joseph briefly introduced ourselves, and I spoke from 1 Timothy 4:12. My theme was “Six areas a Christian youth should lead by example.” In the sermon, I stressed the importance of salvation. In order for a youth to live and lead people well in life, he must be born again (John 3:3). He must be changed to be a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17). Only then can they develop good character that portrays Christ in this dark world. Only through God’s enabling power can one live as a good example for Christ. The Christian life demands a lot of sacrifice and, as a youth, one must deny himself many worldly pleasures to please his Master, Jesus, and be a witness of His saving grace to many. 

All the students were listening attentively to the sermon. It is our prayer that the planting of this seed of God’s truth amongst the students will bear fruit of conversion and bring change inside the students’ hearts. We thank God for this open door of opportunity. Pray with us that after the pandemic of Covid-19 is over, our desire to begin a Bible study at this college may succeed. God bless you.”