Picture 1 Evanghelizare In Campus Ploiesti

HeartCry missionary Alex Palade is uniquely gifted to engage men with the gospel. He excels in doing the work of an evangelist. His love and compassion, particularly for students, is very evident when he ventures out on college campuses. In this month’s report he shares a few of his evangelistic experiences:

Bogdan is an engineer. He believes that God has a good opinion of him and about all people. I shared with him several Bible verses that speak about killing, immorality and all the things that come out of man’s heart and he was surprised. Then I asked him where he would go after death, taking into account the sins that he had committed. He replied that he was an Adventist. In the end, he realized he was lost. I shared with him about Christ, the only solution for salvation.

Brother Emanuel Ivan and I keep going to Zizin every week. We met at Alex and Amada’s place on January 14th. This couple wants to follow the Lord. They invited their sisters-in-law, Anca and Geanina, to attend our meeting. We spoke about the Lord’s Jesus atoning sacrifice and, in the end, the Lord urged me to tell them how they could be saved. Anca had never been to an evangelical church before. Anca and Geanina realized for the first time that they were going into eternal punishment. Geanina’s husband is a Christian and he also joined our meeting. His wife used to go to church with him, but never knew she was lost. On January 14th, she realized she was not at peace with God. I urged Anca and Geanina to put their trust in Christ as their Lord and Savior and they were willing to do it. Praise the Lord!

One week later, when we attended this meeting again at Alex and Amada’s place, I saw Alex’s father at the window. His name is Ioan. I went to him, shook his hand and kindly invited him to join us. I could feel God’s love for him being poured out through me. Through God’s goodness, he attended our meeting and the Gospel searched his heart to tears. He is not saved, but he thanked us for sharing with him about God. He said he wanted to repent. His wife used to be a Pentecostal believer, but she had died some time ago.

Marian is a furniture designer in Brasov. He had never read the Bible. He was surprised to hear that God saw him as a murderer, a thief and an immoral person. He had no idea what he could do about his sins. He wanted to hear how he could be saved through Christ. He took the New Testament that I gave him.

Adrian works at a renowned company in Brasov. He said he was Orthodox, but he believed in a Force. When he heard what the Bible said about sin and judgment, he became serious and more interested. I spoke to him about the Lord’s atoning sacrifice. I invited him to church and he said he would like to come with his fiance.

Alex (23) is the son of Mihai and Elena. I shared the Gospel with them last year at the evangelistic project we had for disabled persons in Brasov. They are Rroma people. After hearing the Gospel, Elena realized she was lost. It is a joy to see her walking with God now. Mihai is a Christian. When I visited them at home, I met Alex their son and asked him if he was a believer. He said “yes.” But the Lord urged me to see if he was at peace with God, so I preached the Word to him and he was shocked to hear that he was going to hell. Alex used to believe that he was a believer if he attended an evangelical church. He had quit attending church and started smoking. He also said he didn’t believe anymore. I told him how he could only be saved through Christ. The Lord searched his heart and he said he wanted to call on the Lord to be saved. After a few days, I met him again and asked him if he had thought about what I had shared with him. God had searched his heart and Alex said he wanted to turn to God and to start attending the church again. He realized he was deceiving himself.

Emanuel Ivan and I shared the Gospel with the students on the college campus. Andreea and Nicoleta are students in Brasov. When they heard that I was speaking about God, they felt ashamed, especially when one of their colleagues joined us. They were also indifferent, though they admitted they were going to hell. They wanted to hear how they could escape everlasting punishment.

Lucian from Văleni is a student in Brasov. His mother is a judge and his father is a pensioner. He is an Orthodox, but he went to the Pentecostal church as a child. He was upset that his Pentecostal neighbors were giving him hard times. He had had a car accident in Brasov and this had made him a little bit more responsible. He lived in immorality with his girlfriend. He used to believe he would go to heaven if he did good works, but now he realized he was going to hell. He asked me how he could get to God and I preached to him Christ. His girlfriend, Miruna, joined us in the end, and I told them I was willing to do premarital counseling with them, since they said they wanted to get married.

Alice and Marius are studying IT in Brasov. They said they were Christian theists. Alex, their colleague, was an agnostic. Their colleagues were laughing at them because they were listening to me as I was speaking to them about God and they felt ashamed. They didn’t know that their sins were separating them from God. They used to believe that their sins would be forgiven if they confessed to the priest and if they did good works. They didn’t know why Jesus was born, but they wanted to hear how they could be saved through Christ.

I met Innocent and Charles from Zimbabwe, Africa. They are students in Brasov. I shared with them my personal testimony and they asked me to give them my phone number and the address of the church.

I approached George and he was open to talk to me. He doesn’t care about spiritual things. I preached the Word to him and he realized he was going to hell. He had never heard such a message before.

I met Roxana, Madalina and Oana. Roxana believed that salvation was not only through Christ, but she had to do something herself in order to earn salvation. Madalina was an atheist. Oana was an agnostic, but quite indifferent during our discussion. Roxana was the only one that was touched by the Word. They didn’t know that their sins were separating them from God and they realized they were going into eternal punishment. Roxana didn’t understand why God punished people if He was good. I gave her a biblical answer and she was satisfied. They all listened to me as I shared with them about salvation through Christ. In the end, Roxana wanted to hear more about God. She believed she was saved, but I showed her in the Bible what it meant to be saved and she realized she didn’t have peace with God. She gave me her phone number, as she is willing to meet with a female missionary.