Aside from being the pastor of GC Baptist Church, I have been called to serve in our Baptist convention on the board of the regional workers in my province and in a neighboring province.

I want to share the work God has given in August 2017 as chairman of education in my Baptist denomination, as well as the ministry with college students.

Bible Class (August 4-5)

One of my main tasks as education coordinator is to teach Baptist doctrine to different congregations. I’ve been given the freedom to choose anyone to invite to teach. So with God’s guidance, we’ve had the chance to invite various speakers who love the Lord Jesus and His enduring Word; we’ve invited some Reformed Baptists and others who teach the same doctrine.

Our first Bible class was at the beginning of the year with Dr. Bruce Ware. But, recently we had the second Bible class on August 4-5th, 2017. The main theme of the class was the supremacy of God’s word. We invited Pastor W. E. Y. from a Reformed Baptist Church in Singapore. The classes were held at one of the local Baptist churches in our city. There were about 40 people who took part.

Here are the different sessions for the class: 

  • The Bible is the Word of God, 
  • The Bible is sufficient, 
  • The Bible is the supreme authority, 
  • The Bible must be read and studied,
  • And how to study the Bible through the Psalms and Bible contemplation in Psalm 6.

One of the purposes of this Bible Class is to revive the Baptist and the Lord’s ministers in the Baptist church to return to the Bible and the treasures of Bible teaching that are God-given Bible doctrines to the ancestors of the Baptist church.

Student Prayer Retreat (August 17-19)

God has given us many young people in our church. They make up ninety percent of the congregation. Every two years, we appoint a new student leader whose job is to serve the younger people in the church as well as campus outreach. The goal of entrusting this ministry to a new person every two years is to create a spirit of biblical leadership; our desire is that this leader would be responsible for ministering and equipping the students, and learn about church planting as he begins with evangelism and discipleship. Brother Ray Charles was willing to commit himself to serve the Lord Jesus in this position.

In this ministry, our church’s students work with LPMI (Campus Crusade) in reaching on their college campuses. LPMI is willing to work with our church in the goal of evangelizing and discipling as many college students as the Lord Jesus gives them, and also inviting them to grow with our church.

On August 17-19, the students in our church took the initiative to hold a prayer retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to bring together all our church’s students and encourage them to reach out to the incoming freshmen who began their first semester in September. The students, through prayer, committed their lives to ministy and discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of the students at the retreat came from campuses in the eastern part of our city, and others came from the central part. With the Spirit’s help, all the teaching in the retreat was from the students in our church. Afterwards, we decided that if the Lord Jesus is willing we will form a prayer movement on a campus close our church, and will hold this prayer retreat again in October 2017, as well as a mission trip 2018 to another province on our island.

In student discipleship, our church uses the Bible study materials from HeartCry Missionary Society. The material from HeartCry Missionary Society are very good at laying a strong biblical foundation and for the knowledge of God. Currently we have only two Bible study materials from HeartCry Missionary Society, that is the One True God and the Gospel of Salvation.