Alah’bi Komang is a church planter working in SE Asia. He is planting a church in the capital city of his country. Below he share a little about the ministry the Lord has given him. Please pray for this dear brother, his family, and church. 

With the love and power of the Triune God, our family has been entrusted by God to pioneer and shepherd GC Baptist Church in our nation’s capital city beginning in September 30th, 2012, to the present time.

As a pastor of this still new church, here is the ministry that the Lord Jesus gave in the lives of our family and in GC Baptist Church:

  1. Sunday Service
  2. Adult Bible Study in Sunday Service
  3. Children’s Bible Study in Sunday Service
  4. Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday
  5. Prayer Meeting
  6. Women’s Bible Study on Thursday
  7. Youth Group and Campus Outreach
  8. Counseling and Evangelism
  9. Mission Trip

Aside from being a pastor of a Baptist Church, our God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ has called me to serve within the Indonesian Baptist Association/Convention as the chairman of education and the chairman of the children’s ministry.

With all humility before God, I will share one part of the work God has given in June-July 2017. More will follow.

Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday

In this ministry report, I will specify the work of God in the men’s Bible study that  is held every Wednesday. Bible study has been the DNA of our church since it was first pioneered in 2012. The whole church is directed to grow together in the study of the Bible.

Since 2014, I have no longer taught Bible studies to men and women. According to 2 Timothy 2:2, I entrusted this to the disciples to lead the Bible Study. My job is to teach Bible Study leaders so that this leader can teach the Bible to others, men and women in the church.

Beginning in 2014, brother Francisco who currently serves in Timor Leste, has led the Bible study. He was followed by Bro. T. who currently serves on another island, and then by Bro. R. They teach the men and women of our church in Bible study.

The church has been growing since 2014, and the diverse needs of Bible study participants is increasing so our church has divided into two Bible studies in the church congregation – the women’s Bible study and the men’s Bible study.

We realize that men are the leaders in the church. Therefore, since the very beginning the material provided as a foundation of the church is the Bible as it is summarized in the 1689 Baptist Confession, Baptist Catechism, and Bible teaching about the nature of a true Christian. Our conviction, then, is that our church leaders must be men.

Currently Bro. D. is entrusted to lead and teach the word of God in the men’s Bible study in our church. The material currently being taught by him is the Gospel of Truth by Bro. Paul Washer. Denny has reached the third chapter with the title

“Motivation of the Son in His coming to save man.”

Every hour we discuss a chapter. We just started this book after completing the 1689 Baptist Catechism material. Every man who follows this new material learns to understand the work of the Triune God in human salvation and focuses on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is easy to understand and very deep.

It is our great hope that this report of God’s labor/ministry would be a blessing and glorifying to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are only earthly vessels in the hands of the mighty Lord Jesus Christ in this generation to spread and proclaim His Gospel truth. Thank you for the prayer support and love that HeartCry Missionary Society family provides to us as a family and a church.