“I was a sinner, but now I am forgiven.” 

Mr. Zulu

I was so happy to meet Mr. Zulu (not his real name) again and hear these words from him. Two years ago, I was trying to reach this man with the gospel, but he said that he never wanted to see me at any time or any place. He never wanted to be told about Jesus Christ, because he said that he had learned about Jesus a long time ago. Nevertheless, I had to visit him once a month and we would chat about his business. Slowly, I began to bring the gospel into our discussions. I never opened a Bible at first, knowing that would immediately sour our relationship.

To my surprise, as I spoke more about our sin and how serious it is, and explained how Jesus came to die for our sin, this man became more interested and asked lots of questions. Such witnessing encounters went on for two whole years, then I left it in God’s hands to deal with him.

Right now, as I write, Mr. Zulu is looking for a Nyanja Bible to buy so he can read it. Two days ago he asked me for a Nyanja gospel tract which I gladly gave him. He has changed his dress code, saying,

“I want to dress like a son of God.”

Mr. Zulu

He now closes his shop on Sundays and goes to worship the Lord. He even gives tithes and offerings gladly, he said, to the church that helps him live a holy life. I must confess that I am somewhat disappointed since that church is not our church. After his conversion, a neighbor persuaded him to attend another Baptist church. But we rejoice in a soul saved and the fruit of a changed life.