Greetings, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Beginning this month, I am intending to write a blog post every month (in addition to normal updates) devoted solely to a few points of prayer that relate directly to our HeartCry partners in Africa. My hope is that these points will help you to know better how you can pray specifically for the needs on the field as they arise. We are truly grateful for the prayers that are offered daily by you who follow these blogs and the other available resources.

  1. Please pray for Pastor Sam Odeny in Oyugis, Kenya, as he and some others deal with a potential church discipline issue. The man in question has been a key member of the church, but he has thus far been unrepentant and quick to shift blame despite confrontation by a few respected men (Sam and fellow-missionaries Sam Oluoch and Paul Onyango). Pray that the Lord would reveal to this man the sin in his heart and that he would respond with repentance, that he might be restored.
  2. Pray for Bill Issa, who is pastoring the only reformed Baptist church in all of Uganda. Pray that he might lead his flock with integrity and uprightness. Pray that the other men in the church whom he is training (including Caleb, Asuman, and Francis) might grow in knowledge of and likeness to our Lord and that one day some of them might be called to be pastors themselves throughout the spiritually deficient nation of Uganda.
  3. Pastor Naphtally Ogallo and the church in Eldoret, Kenya, have been waiting for some time for approval from their local “Lands Department” so that they can build on their church plot. It’s been a long, drawn-out process that seems to have continual obstacles and excuses thrown in the way. Pray that the local government would “get their act together” quickly and approve the application and blueprints of the church’s plans for the land. Pray that there would be no opposition from the Lands Department, but rather that God would grant favor.