Warm greetings in the Beloved.

I just wanted to give you all a bit of an update about what’s happening here in-office lately. It has been my privilege the past 15 months or so to be able to serve as a Coordinator for Africa, maintaining contact with the men in the field and posting their reports on the blog.

This opportunity has been a truly blessed one, and I would not trade it for anything. My trip to Zambia and Ethiopia just over a year ago was of great value to me. I got to see the vision of the Reformed Baptist movement in Zambia in action, as it were. It was exciting to see so many men and women united by Christ for a common purpose: to make God’s Name great and to see His gospel spread throughout all of Africa. Their fervor for the work of the Lord has borne much fruit, and it promises to last and grow for years to come, by God’s grace. My communication with the HeartCry-supported pastors and church planters in Africa has also been a great experience for me, as I’ve gotten to know men far older and wiser than me and to pass on their needs, successes, hardships, and prayer requests to the staff here and to all of you via the website. I have even been honored to witness the expansion of the work in Africa, seeing support being approved for men in Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and (for the first time) Uganda.

As I said, this has been a blessed and privileged time for me. But recently, the Lord has placed in my heart a desire to take a new direction within HeartCry, and He has been providentially moving in a way that is making this dream a reality.

Over the years, HeartCry has done much in the way of literature translation, publication, and distribution. But much of the work has been rather scattered and unorganized. It is my desire to oversee this work, to become the “middle man” between the translators and publishers and the coordinators. I truly believe that having someone whose main purpose and goal is to see biblically solid literature translated and dispersed to as many as possible will enable this aspect of our ministry to flourish in a greater way. I have a vision for this role, and the staff here at HeartCry have affirmed that this is something the Lord is leading me to do. I look forward to seeing all that He will accomplish in this important area.

The role of Africa Coordinator will be taken on by someone whose name will sound familiar to those of you who have been following the work of HeartCry for several years. Our dear brother S.R., formerly a HeartCry coordinator and then a HeartCry missionary in the Western Province of Zambia, has moved here to Radford from West Virginia with his family in order to return the U.S. home office. We in the office are very excited to have him back and look forward to seeing how the Lord will use him to further the work in Africa. S.R. will be posting a blog of his own later this week to introduce himself.

We would greatly appreciate your continual prayers for this ministry. We are very needy, but we serve a mighty God!

Forrest Hite