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HeartCry’s Eastern European coordinator, Sorin Prodan, is involved in multiple ministries. Besides serving the HeartCry missionary faith family, he is an elder in Providence Church of Brasov. This month he relates how the Lord continues to provide evangelistic opportunities:

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We consider a privilege to know we have faithful believers like you, praying for us on a consistent basis, and supporting our ministry. We are glad to share a few highlights from the month of June.


We celebrated our eleventh years of marriage on June 1. God was faithful, and He blessed us in ways that we can’t even think of. We have three wonderful boys and a loving church. We saw many people coming to Christ, and we served as a family in this wonderful adventure of planting and shepherding churches. David, our oldest son turned ten on June 4. He is a wonderful young man, with many gifts. We love him dearly and try to invest in his life. My prayer is that he will be saved and become a preacher of the Gospel.

Providence Church of Brasov

Our church continues to grow. We have new people coming to our Sunday meetings with a number of unconverted people that attend on regular basis. We are getting closer to celebrating another baptism. Five people will confess their faith by water baptism.

The highlight of the month was the two days outreach in our city. We had our HeartCry fellow-workers coming from their mission areas to Brasov. We also had a few of the local brothers join the team. We had a group of fifteen men and a few sisters that went to parks, historical sites, side-walks, and markets to share the good news with the lost. We interacted with over one hundred and fifty people in the two days of evangelism.

I met hundreds of people and spoke with a few teens. God blessed us with having some good evangelistic conversations when we shared the gospel with those who were open to hear. At the end of the two days of street evangelism we organized an evangelistic service. Fifteen unconverted people attended the service. We look forward to see these people continuing to seek the Lord.

HeartCry Ministry

Our HeartCry family continues to serve well in Eastern Europe. As I mentioned we had our monthly outreach in which we felt once again we had entrusted to us a great open door for the Gospel. We want to move on and use every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel. The pandemic slowed us down a bit, but we do not want to be too scared of the news and ways others use to intimidate us. So, please, pray that we will be faithful to the call even in times such as the ones we experience today. 

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The Pen and Pulpit

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