Dear Partner in Myanmar Ministry, We have zeal and when things are not happened according to our plan and prayer it is easy to be discouraged. We realized that ministry is not only ours, as 1Cor 3:9 says,

“For we are laborers together with God.”

1Cor 3:9

There is God’s part also. We see God’s mighty hands in our ministries, for which we are grateful. May I share with you some highlights during the past two months.

Myanmar has officially 135 different ethnic groups and the majority people are Burmese (called Bama) whose religion is Buddhism. They tried to make their religion as a State religion, but so far no successful. Mission work among Dawei people: Dawei people are about 8,000,000. No Dawei Church so far. Back in 1827, Adoniram Judson and George Boardman reached them with the gospel, but they were not receptive, but Karen were receptive and among the Karen people, there are churches. Till today the Dawei people are very strong Buddhists. Among the Dawei people (they live in down south of Myanmar, Taninthazi Division Dawei City area), we have four frontline missionaries. They have been there for four years, but no fruit yet. Their concept is that if they are Dawei people, their religion must be Buddhist, not any other religion. Dawei mission might be the hardest mission field here in Myanmar. Our four missionaries have a great burden for those people. I visited and stayed with them early February, I encouraged them to be faithful in the Lord and in the ministry.

TapawhKan Village mission work: This village has 600 families, most of them are Buddhists and few are Karen nominal Christians, no salvation. Our frontline missionary Ni S. reached them with the gospel two years ago, and people got save through his preaching and teaching ministry. Recently a mission house is built where the missionary family live and they conduct a meeting and worship service there. The work is successful and Satan is not really happy. Satan started using Buddhist leaders and nominal Christian leaders to destroy the mission work. They warned the missionary not to have a worship service and other meetings. The situation is bad, but the believers still have a meeting.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy M., Servant of the Lord