Javier Teaching Jungle Pastors

I’ve been encouraged by all that the Lord is teaching me about Himself through the Aguaruna pastors. They are constantly calling me from their communities in the jungle to ask me questions about the Scriptures and about pastoral counseling situations. Often, they have questions about specific challenges in their churches.

One of the things they ask about is church discipline according to the Scriptures. A pastor recently called me to ask about a situation in his church. There was a member of the congregation who was living in sin. Though brothers in the church admonished him to repent of his sin, he persisted and continued living in it. I shared the Scriptures from Matthew 18:15, teaching this pastor what it looks like to carry out discipline in a biblical way. It encourages me to see the sincere desire these brothers have to learn the Scriptures and to obey God.

When the pastor had spoken to the church regarding the discipline process of this particular brother, he was criticized by many of the church members. But after he shared with them what the Scriptures teach about discipline, the brothers and sisters understood and they were very willing to act according to the Word of God. 

Please pray for the pastors in the jungle. Many of them do not have a lot of training or education, but they are eager to learn from the Scriptures and are sincere in their desire to be obedient to the Lord.