“Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…”

– Philippians 1:27

Paul’s exhortation to the Phillipian church leads us to reflect on our mission and our Christian witness as we live as pilgrims on this earth: to live worthy of the gospel. That is, living according to the value that the Gospel has for the believer. Believers do not make the gospel true. The gospel is true through Christ. However, when the light of the truth of Christ is upon us, the believer becomes a powerful witness to the grace of God. 

This truth was the basis of one of my sermons this month, and I thank the Lord very much because he led me to appreciate in a more profound way the work of Christ on the cross, its importance in my life, and my desire to grow more in the coherence of my testimony according to that glorious work of my savior.

This month we were able to resume our visits to the mission points: visiting the brothers in Castellón, Valencia, Lanzarote, and Figueres. We are very grateful to see how the Lord has guided these brothers to remain firm in the faith and how they have grown in number.

In Castellón we find the good news that José, the son of the church leader, will go to the “Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano” (Colombia) to train in the ministry. It is an important decision for him and also for the future of the church in that city. 

In Valencia, we were able to have a baptism of the daughter of one of the leaders. It was a very special day, because we have seen the transformation worked by the Spirit of God in the heart of this young woman, and the whole congregation was very happy for her. I would also like to share that the Lord allowed the church to rent a new, larger space in which up to 100 people can meet (currently about fifty people congregate). That’s right, we are seeing great church growth! I ask for your prayers for the training plan and pastoral mentoring that we are going to undertake shortly to address the need for training of Brother José, who is leading the group.

Brother Samuel Barceló visited the church in Figueras. There were also baptisms there and it was an encouraging service for all. And, on the other hand, Brother Gabriel visited the mission point in Lanzarote. He spent two weeks there, he preached the Word of God and encouraged the brothers to remain faithful to the Lord.

These young people mentioned (José in Castellón, José in Valencia, and Gabriel from the IEG who visited Lanzarote) are showing signs of a desire to serve the Lord. I would like to ask your prayers for them, so that the Lord confirms that call and if so, in the future they can exercise their ministries in these mission points. 

I also ask for your prayers for a visit that my wife and I will make to the mission point in Paris. We will be there for three weeks to comfort the brothers, counsel several families, and be able to mentor more closely the three young people who lead the group. May the Lord keep us, give us strength so that we can meet the objective.

Your brother in Christ, 

Jairo Chaur