This is one of those weeks where my heart particularly aches for Africa. Monday morning I read a heartbreaking story from Tanzania on BBC Africa. Self-proclaimed ‘apostle’ Boniface Mwamposa held a large ‘healing meeting’ in a stadium in northern Tanzania. At one point, the false teacher poured ‘holy oil’ on the ground and said that whoever touched the oil would be healed. In the chaos that ensued, 20 people were crushed to death, including 5 children. Was the ‘apostle’ devastated or horrified by the tragedy? Cold-blooded and unmoved, he was later arrested for questioning as he was preaching at another branch of his ‘church’!

This is the degree of evil false teaching that must be confronted everywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is what is considered orthodox Christianity. This is the immense value of one man boldly preaching the true Gospel. This is the immense value of one church living out biblical truth in midst of such wicked darkness.

Simon Patillo (1)

And this is why I am thrilled to introduce you to our new missionary pastor in Tanzania. Simon Patilo first completed a pastoral internship with Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia, and later spent several months with Lusaka Baptist Church in Zambia. Lusaka Baptist Church sent Simon to plant a church in Dodoma, Tanzania in 2018, under the oversight of Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa and the other elders of LBC.

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