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Dear Brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you in His Name. We praise God for the manifold blessings we received as a church from God who is compassionate and benevolent.  Would you please take the time to read and pray for the following requests?


We have a member of our church get married on 18th August. It was a beautiful day. There were around 150 guests on that day. It was a great sight to watch both being united in the holy matrimony. But this wedding was special- for the first time, we as a church were able to witness an inter-caste marriage. Initially, the groom faced some harsh criticisms from some of his relatives for marrying someone from a different (lower) caste (according to the society). But we praise God that He gave the needed grace to withstand all the hate and mockery. Miraculously, on the wedding day, whoever was opposed to the marriage, all came and witnessed the wedding. It was a great opportunity to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ with many non-believers. Please pray for this couple, as they will continue to face persecution.

Appointing Deacons:

After a lot of prayer and deliberation, the Lord has guided the church to appoint two men as our deacons. One is a pastoral trainee. Apart from his preaching assignments, he would like to serve the church as a deacon as well, until the Lord raises another deacon. He wants to be a full-time pastor in the days to come and desires to use the God-given gifts to equip the church in the future. I trust this time of service will provide valuable lessons to him. The other brother has been a member of our church since 2017. God converted him from a Hindu background miraculously and he has been faithful to the fellowship since then. Please pray God’s special hand may rest on him and that these brothers may be filled with the Holy Spirit to fulfill their responsibilities.

A Young Couple:

They were baptized this year, and they have been inundated with many troubles. Firstly, their baby boy fell terribly ill. We praise God he has been restored to health. However, during this time they were threatened and their families tried to manipulate them to leave Christ and turn their backs on Him. The Lord has given great strength and courage to stand against all the fiery darts of the devil, but it has not been easy. There has been a great struggle with all their threatening. They were constantly bombarded with accusations from the family that the Hindu gods and goddesses were cursing them because their child was unwell. Please for this precious young couple- that God gives them a special grace to stand firm in the battle.

To Be Baptized:

There are a handful of brothers and sisters who are ready to be baptized and join the church. These brothers and sisters have been coming to our church for a year. We have been able to see and witness how the Lord is drawing his people to himself.  As we interview and administer baptism to these people, please pray that these brothers and sisters may be encouraged and equipped to run the Christian race until the end.  

Grieving Family:

I recently wrote about how one of our brothers died of covid in the month of April. For a long time, we haven’t been able to connect with his wife. But praise be to the Lord that both my wife and I were able to visit her and encourage her. Although she isn’t coming to the church nowadays, she expressed the desire to come in the near future. She is broken. Please pray that the Lord would comfort her and her grownup children as they come back to the church and begin to worship the Lord with other believers in the church.

My Family:

Please pray for me and my family. Please pray that the Lord may give me the needed grace to run the race. Please pray that the Lord may save both our children.

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Going and Sowing

Going and Sowing