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Missionary Marian Jipa is occasionally invited to do itinerant work. Recently, he traveled to from Romania to Germany to share the gospel with a group of Rroma people who had invited him to come and preach the gospel. In his latest report he shares his impressions of the work there:

Last week I traveled to Germany where I had been invited by a church of Rroma people. They used to help us with the music in many evangelistic events. They also invited me to attend their baptism services, child dedication services and funerals. I love them very much and know they love me. They migrated to Germany and live close to Dortmund. There are over 2,000 people that meet in different houses, rented places or old German churches that are closed now. They can use the church buildings for free. While I was there, the building was full of people. I attended the church services every night in a different place.

I am thankful to the Lord for answering my prayer. Before I left for Germany, I told the Lord that I wanted to have the same experience that Peter had in the house of Cornelius. Peter’s sermon didn’t seem very important. And he didn’t finish it before the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Cornelius and his household repented under the power of the Holy Spirit.

I told the Lord that I was ready to preach the entire Gospel message to those Rhoma people, but I wanted the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of the audience. And this was exactly what happened! This encouraged other believers to invite us to visit them.

When you serve with love, you are welcomed with love. I have always accepted their invitations while they were still in Romania, never receiving money from them even if I had to drive 50 kilometers away from my home to attend a prayer night or wake.

I have learned that we are efficient in serving the Lord only when He is with us and stay one step behind Him. The Church is His and He doesn’t despise anyone. We are the same before Him, no matter the nationality or the culture we come from.