Jorge Marsano evangelism
Jorge Marsano shares the gospel with a family in Oxapampa, Peru

This month has been characterized by a lot of studying and counseling. I have spent time this month counseling a married couple. Each of them has severe resentment in their hearts toward one another because of the offenses they’ve each committed in the past. This situation has been an opportunity to redirect their attention and show them how this situation reflects the situation between them and God. I showed them from the Bible that their sins have seriously offended God. I showed them that Jesus is the only way that God can forgive us for our sins. And I showed them that faith in his bloody work on Calvary is the manner in which God now gives us forgiveness and eternal life.

After they had heard this message of the gospel they gladly agreed verbally that God could forgive them for their sin if they repent and believe. However, despite what they said, it was clear that they refused to forgive one another for the offenses committed. I’m going to be able to speak with them again, and to tell them about the gospel once more, but I need you to be helping me through your prayers for this couple. Pray that their hardened hearts to be softened.

Regarding my studies, God has given me the opportunity to receive biblical instruction in the interpretation of the Bible from the original languages. For some time now, I have been blessed by the ministry of HeartCry to have all of the costs of my seminary training covered. It’s only because of those that support HeartCry and their generous heart that I have been able to have these costs paid for. I take this investment that you are making very seriously, and I am concerned and devoted to making the most of the studies and I am attempting to honor the Lord in my efforts. May the Lord help me, so that once I have finished my studies I might be able to use all of the preparation in the work that He has given me to do here in Oxapampa.