Jesus Es La Puerta Church

Among my recent experiences in the church, I want to share about a lady named Maria. Maria’s children are supported by our church’s outreach ministry for children. The family is very poor, but Maria always acted very pridefully toward us. When she received any sort of support from the church such as food, clothing, or cleaning supplies, she would grumble because she had hoped to receive more. Not only that, but she would not allow her young children to come to church. She did not want anything to do with the things of God.

Just a few days prior to the New Year, Maria’s house burned down and she lost everything she owned—clothes, beds, kitchen utensils, etc. We praise God, though, because her children were rescued from the fire that night.

As a church, we have gathered materials for her and her family and we have visited with her. Brothers and sisters from the church have provided her with beds, mattresses for the children, kitchen supplies, and the rebuilding of her house. Now, she is noticeably moved by the reaction of the church toward her. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are preaching the gospel and she is now willing to listen. I am pleading with God for Maria’s salvation. May God use the gospel as it is preached with compassion and mercy.