Church in Leon, Spain

What an amazing weekend! The gospel was preached to hundreds of unbelievers. Friday night marked the beginning of a two-day event to celebrate God’s faithfulness in entrusting us with a new wonderful church building. 

Hundreds from Leon and other places in Spain came to see it. The mayor of our city was present, among other relevant political individuals, and yet, we did not hold back. Christ was presented in all His beauty as the only Savior and Mediator between God and man. Every unbeliever was confronted with God’s command to repent and bow the knee before our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We are a church of about 150 people, but this Sunday service we had over 400 attendees. Most of them were unbelievers who came back after Friday night, and once again, the gospel was preached with all its demands. 

Our YouTube channel was on fire. The daily-visits number increased from 1500 on average to over 8500. Hundreds of people watched live online as we were celebrating communion and worshiping the exalted Christ.

These are just numbers, and numbers cannot be equated with success, but we cannot stop smiling thinking of all the hundreds or even thousands of people who were exposed to the gospel. Ultimately, that is our heart’s desire, that our church will become a loudspeaker for the gospel of Christ. We pray and long for it to reach to the peoples beyond Spain’s borders. We will continue to faithfully proclaim the biblical gospel, to confront the sinner with his sin and to expose him to the glory of Christ, whether hundreds or only one would come to know Him as Lord and Savior. Nonetheless, we hope and pray for a reformation. May God change Spain for His glory. May Christ be known. May thousands of spiritually dead Spaniards be made alive together with Him. Pray for us. Pray that we will be bold and preach Christ. Pray for open doors, but most of all, pray for the Spirit’s work of regeneration. To God be the glory.

Daniel Noren Discipleship

A Diverse Family

A Diverse Family