New Members Reception 02

Greetings from Paris to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Here is our monthly report. We have many reasons to celebrate.

Ten Years of Ministry

“The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task” (I Timothy 3:1). On November 20th I had the joy of celebrating ten years of pastoral ministry. I am grateful to the One who made me faithful and considered me worthy of this sublime vocation (I Timothy 1:12). I praise God that I was able to renew my vows of consecration to my calling with my family and before our congregation in Paris.

A New Church Home

New Members Course
The New Members course in David’s home will be moved to the new church facility, providing more room and other amenities.

The space we are currently renting does not have the capacity to attend our recent church growth (it has a limit of 40 people and our services often surpass it). For a long time, we have been searching for a new place and we finally found one that has great potential for us. It is only four stations away on the same metro line from our current place. It not only has double the capacity of our current location, but it also has spare rooms and a kitchen. Furthermore, it is also available for renting the entire month instead of only a few hours each Sunday. This means that when we move, all mid-week gatherings and pastoral meetings, that have been taking place in my house for so long, will take place in the new church space. This is a great blessing, but it also represents a great financial challenge. For this reason and many others, we thank you for your giving to HeartCry. They are able to supplement what is lacking so that we might advance the gospel in the city of Paris.

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A picture of the new facility for the church in Paris. We are all very excited that we will be able to use the building 24/7 for the glory of God!

Baptisms and New Members

Bap 02
David recently received four new members through believer’s baptism. Praise God for the power of the gospel!

We had a special Saturday meeting in order to celebrate the welcoming of twelve new members. Another church loaned us their place so that we could receive four of the new members through baptism. It was wonderful as we listened to their touching testimonies and rejoiced together with them as a family. Two of them were coming from nominal Christian families. One young lady came to an assurance of her conversion only after extended instruction from her parents and the church. The most shocking testimony among the newly baptized came from a dear middle-aged woman who had suffered tremendously throughout her life. She was devoted to YOGA until one of her friends was converted. Because of this, she started visiting charismatic churches and had some very bad experiences. She was very quickly pushed to confess that she was saved and to submit to believer’s baptism, but she felt that she had no true faith in her life. She finally left. After a couple of years without any church, she came to us with a fragile and suspicious attitude. With time, she became more confident, joyful and thankful. She attested that she never understood the gospel so clearly and that she was finally assured of her conversion and was willing to be truly baptized.

Family Life – One more coming

It is with great joy that we announce to you that a new baby is coming into the Romer family. During the pregnancy of our second daughter, my wife Mayra suffered great risk with cardiac issues. For this reason, we plead with you to support us in prayer for this pregnancy and for our new baby.

Thank you for thinking of us, persevering in prayer, and rejoicing with Christ’s victories for the promotion of His Kingdom in France. Grace and Peace…


David, Mayra, Beatriz, and Catarina