January Mission Report

Firstly, I thank God for allowing me to be involved in His ministry continuously. I hope that you all will be well, as I have been praying for you.

In this month, as my health did not compromise I could only evangelize to limited places. Nonetheless, thrice a week, I visited new believer’s houses to give doses of encouragement and pray for them. Moreover, we had Bible study and prayer meeting each week. I also participated in our church every Sunday evening in the Burmese program. I invited unbelievers residing in the slum areas near my place to come to our worship service. I took this opportunity to share the gospel and introduce to them about the Christianity. However, more prayers are necessary to save their souls and for them to become full-time members.

Because of your prayer, I am fully recovered now and could resume my mission. I also plan to extend my ministry in another place like “Pha Yun Hla” village. My prayer requests are as followed: to save more souls, to be healthy. May God bless you and your family!

His servant, Zaw Kyaw