The Russian translation efforts of HeartCry and Gospel and Reformation continue to progress at a steady pace. HeartCry recently funded the translation and printing of the first volume in the Recovering The Gospel series, 

The Gospel’s Power and Message

Paul Washer

The books are being circulated throughout Eurasia. The remaining two volumes in the series are being translated now.

There remains an extremely important need for more resources to be translated into the Russian language that are both Gospel-saturated and theologically rich. This is evident in the following excerpt from a letter we received from Alexander S., who is one of the supported pastors in Russia. Like most of HeartCry’s missionaries in Russia, Alexander does not speak English and therefore is limited to only the resources that are translated into the Russian language.


I received a blessing from God this month –  a book called The Gospel’s Power And Message by Paul Washer. I thank God and Paul for this book. I feel blessed, enriched, and satisfied when I read it. 

This book explains very clearly the main concept of the gospel and everything connected with it. Every believer should read it several times. I got it at just the right time. I plan to use it in our evangelism classes that we have, and I’m sure I will quote it in my sermons. Praise the Lord for this spiritual enrichment!