Will you commit to pray earnestly for Lebanon? This country has a long, bloody history filled with wars and turmoil. Most recently, a civil war spanning from 1975 to 1990 resulted in the death of around 120,000 of its people. Today, approximately 76,000 people still remain homeless.

Despite its horrific history of unrest, today Lebanon is relatively stable by the grace of God. However, Lebanon is at risk of being drawn back into violence as the war in Syria pushes in through its northern border. Please pray that this open door in the Middle East would not be slammed shut because of violence.

Just a few of the many reasons why earnest prayer for Lebanon is needed:

1. Lebanon is the only Muslim-majority country in the Middle East where evangelism is still legal.

2. There are very few biblical churches in the whole of Lebanon. Even those few churches that remain biblical on paper are often weak because of the influence of false teachings and corrupt leaders. Evangelist Walid B. has no place to send the souls he sees won to Christ.

3. Although Christians make up over 40% of the population statistically (2014 the CIA World Factbook), less than 0.5% are professing evangeilicals.

4. Lebanon is located in the very center of the entire Muslim world.

5. Refugees from hostile and hard-to-reach neighboring countries are flooding into Lebanon. Some estimate that 1 million refugees from throughout the Middle East now live in Lebanon – over 20% of the countries 4.8 million residents.

6. The war in Syria threatens to spill over and disrupt Lebanon’s relative stability. Fighting has recently crossed in over the northern border.

7. Persecution and violence from extremist groups like ISIS threaten to snuff out all Christian freedom in the Middle East.

In the face of such a need, will you commit to real, earnest prayer to an all-powerful, ever-listening, merciful God? Has there ever been such a wide-open door for the Church to penetrate into the heart of Islam which is blinding and crippling billions in the Middle East and around the world?

Brothers and sisters, for the sake of Christ and the billions who are dying, get on your knees and cry out to God for mercy!

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