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Nicu Vulpe pastors the Bethany Church in Pucioasa, Romania. This month, he reports of some of the windows of opportunity he had to preach the gospel:

It is more difficult to have evangelistic events due to the pandemic. So, I encouraged the believers to pray and fast and be involved in different evangelistic engagements. We will go caroling on the streets of Pucioasa and in two other villages where we will pass out evangelistic letters. We pray for good weather and for people to be out on the street so we are able to have short discussions with them. We also want to have the music school concert, even if it is quite difficult now. I pray that all the participants would understand the real reason of the incarnation of the Son of God!

I’m so grateful that the believers understand more and more the importance of these times. I am glad to see families that reject the myth of materialism and guide their children by their personal example, their knowledge of the truth and by being involved in the mission work. The teaching and the personal discussions with the families lead to this.

We also pray that the people that we have reached with the gospel would become the Lord’s followers. We pray for the teenagers in which we have invested in lately that they will be more serious about their soul.

It was quite cold this month to go out, but the Lord still gave us many opportunities to share the gospel. The music school has brought new families closer to us.

Corina (44) is the mother of a new student. She’s been following us for a long time. One day, she had to wait for her child to finish his piano class. My wife and I had the opportunity to share the gospel with her. She paid attention and interacted with us. She is a very determined woman and surprised us with her sincerity. I think she understood correctly our encouragement to read the Bible. We pray for her and her family to experience the transforming power of the divine grace.

Mihaela (47) is a new acquaintance. She comes from Pucioasa, but lives in Bucharest. Mihaela and her husband come to Pucioasa every weekend. She heard several Christian testimonies. She has a Baptist workmate which led her to look for us. She came to church for the first time recently. Afterwards, we invited her to our place. I enjoyed her visit as we had a very good discussion. We pray that the Lord would work and make her his daughter. I believe that the joy of having found our church will lead her to the joy of belonging to God’s Kingdom. We pray for an obvious spiritual progress in her life.

Florin and Cerasela (50) have recently visited our church. We’ve been praying for this family for a long time. Florin appreciated the sermon. I pray that the Lord would change their hearts and save them. They’re interested in ethics in many aspects of their lives. Their children are very serious with their education and morals. They are the kind of people that read the Bible at home. So, whenever we meet, our discussions are deeply biblical. We pray that they would also live what they know in theory. It’s not enough to see Jesus as a good example. We pray that they would know him as the only Lord and Savior!

I had a good discussion with Mr. Marcel and Mrs. Gabi (65-70). Now we are praying more for them. They are the neighbors near the church building in Varfuri. They are trustworthy people. I talked to them many times, but recently we had a very good discussion about spiritual things. They shared with me about their burdens. I realized that they trust us. They listened to the gospel with interest and now we are praying that the Lord would work in their lives.

Several teenagers also seemed to be interested in God’s Word. Some of them have decided to follow the Lord. But the question is, “Are they ready to pay the price?” I’m waiting to see if they are steadfast in their decision.

I meet with Stefan (from Varfuri) every week for guitar lessons and for biblical discussions. He is 16 years old. I pray that the Lord would give him the gift of faith and repentance for eternal life!