Philadelphia Church Service

Igor Serement continues to persevere under undesirable conditions. Covid has made things difficult at times for his ministry as pastor of Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova. In spite of the foreboding days of uncertainty he presses forward to serve the Philadelphia faith family. This month he writes briefly on what they have been able to do:

We keep attending and teaching seminars for the men and women for their spiritual growth. We have separate meetings for them. I teach the men and Mariana teaches the women. I spoke about “the role of suffering in shaping the character of a man” and Mariana spoke on“how to bless your husband”. These meetings take place at the church in Stefan Voda. The church building isn’t finished, but the believers do their best to grow spiritually and to help other believers from their county.

We organized a seminar for the Sunday school teachers. Our purpose was to teach them how to work with the children and to share the gospel with them. About 50 people attended the event. They not only listened to our messages, but they were involved in the seminar.