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Stefan Cornu ministers in Bucharest, Romania. He serves as an elder in the Adonai Church with Costel Ghioanca. Stefan’s ministries include teaching, evangelism and discipleship. This month he provides a pastoral perspective of his urban ministry:

It was a difficult month for us as a church. A family contracted Covid and they were particularly vulnerable. They are missionaries from Brazil and the husband has an autoimmune disease that makes him ill for very long periods of time. He was in the high-risk category. But praise God the last Sunday in February they rejoined the Church. They have not recovered all the way, but they are OK as of right now. Another family faced real pain and difficulty this past month. They lost a pregnancy after a long time of trying to have a baby. It was devastating for them. We are praying for them in this trial. Also, one of our younger members did not come to Church for about 6 weeks and he is very much unavailable. He will not answer our phone calls. He did answer two of my messages, but he is very hard to reach as he is clearly being under Satanic attack. Please pray for him and for us as pastors to have wisdom, to love him, but admonish him biblically.

I told the Church to have us in prayer during this period, as we are trying to discern God’s will. Please pray that whatever God’s plan will be, Adonai Church will thrive, be fruitful and multiply.

On February 14 we had a Sunday night meeting that we dedicated to families. It was Valentines night. We had three non-Christians and some from other Churches. It was a night of conversation about the relationship between husbands and wives, romance and raising children. I think it was fruitful to have our people feed from one another’s experiences and biblical teaching, but definitively this area needs more discussion.

On February 20 as a family we had a youth night in our home. We played some games, sang songs, and fellowshipped together. It was encouraging for our youth and young adults. The lockdown has put such a great burden on us as we couldn’t fellowship as a church.

On February 21 we had our annual general assembly. It was an important day as we elected three deacons. They are good men, spiritual and well spoken of. We praise God for this because administrative duties abound, and the help is much needed. We also praise God for the generous giving of our church. It is a blessing to be part of a church that gives sacrificially. But among so many blessings, 2020 was one of the hardest years at Adonai. We didn’t reach unbelievers as we wanted. Sure, Covid and the lockdown were a big part of that, but we didn’t do as we should to reach the lost. We try to be optimistic as most of the evangelical churches lost approximately one third of their weekly attendance. By the grace of God we didn’t lose members, but the possibility is always there. We pray that we will be able to start evangelistic programs and reach the lost. May God give us wisdom and vision to reach Bucharest multitudes.

In the last Sunday of February we finished the Spiritual growth course, a summary of Arthur Pink’s book, called Spiritual Growth. Though we faced low attendance we recorded the sessions and people benefited from it. It was a good opportunity to feed sound biblical doctrine, to our teachers and those who listened to us.

Pray also two unconverted man that regularly attend our services. One man who was a homeless is now helped by the Church with money for rent and meals. Pray that he could understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved so he will not come to Church just for momentary profit. Pray also for a middle-aged man who is going through a divorce. He has suffered the last three years. He is an intelligent man, but lonely and sad. Something is hindering him from accepting Christ, although we don’t know for sure. He has a desire to get married, but we’ve tried to explain to him that God and salvation should come first. Continue to pray for another man who is a worker at the church building. We discuss the Gospel regularly with him as he is open to talk. Please pray that God opens his heart to the Gospel.