Church Service

HeartCry missionary, David Vale, pastors two Gypsy churches in Fundeni and Pantelimon, Romania. He has served in an exemplary manner following the passing of his father last year. In this month’s report he provides details about the Lord’s work among His people.

The young people attend the church on a regular basis. Please pray for the children and teenagers. Many of them come from non-Christian families and their parents and siblings have had a bad influence on them. They come to church on Saturday, but it is difficult on them because they don’t have godly models in their families.

As I mentioned in my previous report back in November, I had several lessons on the sin of lying for the teenagers. In December, I chose to study about obeying parents. We studied and discussed several Bible verses like Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:1-2. And I would like to share with you an experience I had from this Bible study. Following the study on obeying parents at the end of the month, a father came to me and asked, “What have you done to my child? He’s been different over the the last few days.” I asked him what had happened and he told me that his child used to misbehave and disobey him and his mother. But one day after coming back from church, he started behaving himself and seemed to be a different person. I was so encouraged to hear that the Bible study with the teenagers was changing their lives and behavior. This father thanked me for teaching the teens. I was blessed by this experience. This has encouraged me to keep investing in their lives and to have faith that God is working in them.

I met again with the teenagers in order to study biblical doctrines. We talked about the importance of the Lord’s incarnation this month.

Moreover, as I told you in my previous reports I started reading the New Testament with several teenagers whose ages ranged from 13 to 16. We started reading in August. This month we had the joy to finish reading the New Testament. They were so happy following the assignment. I was so glad I had had this initiative back in August. The Lord has enabled us to finish reading the entire New Testament. Now I want to challenge them to read together the entire Bible in 2021. We will start with Genesis in January. I insist that the teens know God’s Word, because I believe that the Bible will keep them away from a sinful life, strengthen them and help them grow in their relationship with the Lord.

I managed to visit a number of believers this month. By God’s grace, I visited sister Maria this month who is 73 years old and can’t walk by herself. This makes it very difficult for her to come to church. I visit her every month to pray with her and encourage her from the Word. The last time I visited her she told me she couldn’t see very well anymore. I encouraged her to trust in the Lord, pray and sing. I prayed with her and we sang together. This was a real blessing to her.

I visited Catalina’s family this month. She is sister Maria’s granddaughter and they live in the same courtyard. I preached the gospel to her several months ago and she opened heart. I visited them again and preached the gospel to them in the courtyard. I then prayed for them and Catalina prayed. It was so encouraging to hear this woman pray to the Lord.

I also visited the Tudorache family. This couple has 14 children and are day laborers. I have visited them every month, preached the gospel to them and invited them to church. The children attend the children’s meetings each Saturday. A family donated 2-3 boxes of used clothes for the family. In visiting them again this month I found the children and the grandparents at home and prayed with them. They were so happy. Please pray that the Lord would work in their lives.

Brother Marian Toma from Tunari visited us this month. He preached God’s Word at church before Christmas and gave the Lord’s Supper.

By God’s grace, I was able to give Christmas presents to the children. I distributed about 70 Christmas presents in Fundeni.

In my previous reports I mentioned that I kept visiting sister Angela with an evangelistic purpose. Her family is one of the ruling families in Gang # 1. Every time I visited them, they have welcomed me and listened as I preached the gospel to them. Before I visited them before Christmas I asked them to invite all their children because I had Christmas presents for them. About twenty five children gathered that day; some with their parents, who are members of this gang. I preached the gospel and prayed with them. I was so glad that the Lord opened this door for the gospel among these dangerous people. I pray that the Lord would search their hearts and help them repent. Many people avoid them because they are dangerous and intimidating. Please pray for me that the Lord would protect me and that he will work in their hearts.

Please keep praying for Fane who continues attending the church. Although he is an alcoholic, I’ve noticed that the Lord keeps bringing him to church. He is really listening to the Word. Please pray that the Lord would save him.

We had special Christmas programs this month and met at church to celebrate the Lord’s incarnation. I preached about the importance of the Lord’s birth.

Please keep praying for Luminita’s salvation. She keeps attending the church programs.

Our church continues to meet every week. Gabi and Roza also keep attending the church. Please pray that the Lord would save them.

I talk to a couple this month. I met them as I was doing evangelistic outreach and preached the Gospel to them. I invited them to church and they came on Christmas Day. They also brought their two children to the services. They are listening to God’s Word and enjoyed it. Please pray that the Lord would save this family.

Mr. Nicu also came to church in Pantelimon and wanted to sing a carol. I was glad to hear that, so I encouraged him to keep coming to church. Please pray that the Lord would save him.

We managed to carry on the renovation of the church building in Pantelimon. We finished the walls and ceiling. The interior looks so much better now. A sister from the church also wanted to have the exterior walls done, so she paid for it. The church building looks so much better now. We have also put a banner with a Bible verse outside that the people could see it from the street.