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By the grace of God, my ministry in my church continues, God continues to work on my soul, strengthens me in Christ, helps me to grow in His grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I continue to preach God’s Word from the pulpit of the church, as well as do everything that our Lord entrusts to me as a pastor. The church continues to pray for our children, relatives and friends, for the salvation of those with whom we live, with whom we work, to whom the gospel has been preached somewhere. At prayer meetings of the church, we constantly ask the Lord for them by name, so that the Lord would save their souls and give them the New Birth.
     Last month we had a jubilee in our church. Our church turned 20. In 2001, we began to pray for the establishment of a church in this area of the ​​Irkutsk region and with God’s help, we held several meetings with unbelieving relatives of brothers and sisters living in this area. As a result, a group of 20 people was formed, with which our church began. A year later, God blessed us again, a brother from Germany helped us with the purchase of a small building, which we later reconstructed and converted into a building for a church. During this time, there were many joys and sorrows. We accepted new people into the church, someone was baptized, someone was excommunicated for their sins, someone was taken into glory by the Lord.

     God also gave us another type of ministry, which consisted in the fact that we had the opportunity to visit individual believers who lived somewhere far from Irkutsk, as well as visit individual groups of believers living in the northern regions of the Irkutsk region. This is what we have been doing since our church was organized. And during this time, God blessed several people who, thanks to our trips and visits, believed and received Christ as their Lord and Savior. We are continually grateful to our Lord for this!
      We recently held a church service dedicated to the development of our church. After the meeting, we organized a fellowship to which we invited our dear brothers and sisters from other churches. We had guests from several nearby churches in neighboring cities. We had wonderful fellowship, shared testimonies from our lives, sang, prayed together.