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Malachi 1:11

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The information in this article is not confirmed by any official sources. If you have any information, please send an email to An article by CoptsToday reported that the Saudi Arabian government may have imposed new laws requiring the death penalty for the illegal smuggling of Bibles into the country (read here). The reports have not been confirmed by any official source. A Saudi Arabian Christian writes: "Dear Brethren, We Christians who are working in Saud... Keep Reading

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HeartCry missionary Dr. Andrew shares one of the many stories about Arabic Christians who are remaining faithful to Christ even in the midst of extreme persecution from radical Islamic groups.... Keep Reading

Taking The Gospel To Kurdistan

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The following report is from one of our partners in the Middle East regarding a recent trip to Kurdistan: After three days of evangelism in Turkey we traveled to another area of Kurdistan to prepare the way for the rest of our team - in all there were nine of us from five different countries. Our main purpose in going was to minister to the displaced refugees of Kurdistan by proclaiming the Gospel and distributing food, bibles, and medical supplies.... Keep Reading

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The following is a report from a Christian organization which recently visited Lebanon. May these accounts of God on the move be an encouragement for the Church to plead for an outpouring of grace during this time of great opportunity and open doors.... Keep Reading

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Prayer is needed for missionary pastor Boutros B., who recently moved with his wife to an undisclosed country within the Arabian Peninsula. Please pray for them, their church, and the Middle East as a whole.... Keep Reading

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geography-of-lebanon0Will you commit to pray earnestly for Lebanon? This country has a long, bloody history filled with wars and turmoil. Most recently, a civil war spanning from 1975 to 1990 resulted in the death of around 120,000 of its people. Today, approximately 76,000 people still remain homeless. Despite its horrific history ... Keep Reading

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An update from Abu Munahid, pastor of Salam Church in an undisclosed country in the Middle East. Introducing Christ to a New Family This month I visited a new family and introduced Jesus's message to them. The father and his wife, the son and his wife, and the daughter and her husband also prayed with me. The woman said that she couldn’t believe in the trinity and the deity of Jesus – it didn't make sense to her. But the Lord is good, He opened a door for me to talk about it. The ... Keep Reading

This article is based on information gathered from a HeartCry-affiliated observer of the underground church in the Arabian Peninsula. Christianity in Arabia A thorough study of the New Testament demonstrates that Christianity had a strong beginning in the Middle East. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-seventh century that Islam became the dominant religion of the region. But because Islam was founded in an intensely tribal culture, it spread rapidly and sank deeply into all aspects of lif... Keep Reading

The first few days were spent with Pastor Samuel D. and his family. Samuel recently completed his theology degree in Egypt and was officially ordained in the country of Egypt (his Jordanian Bible degree and ordination were not accepted). Now by God’s grace he has received an official status as a pastor, which allows him to travel and minister much more freely than he could previously.... Keep Reading

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Brothers and sisters, Thank you for your prayers for this trip. God has been a very great and present help. The need for wisdom and power from the Spirit is incredible here, so please continue to pray for us and for the Church in the Middle East. During the first two days we had a small conference in the church for the missionaries and church members. The discussion was lively and the people were very hungry to learn more about the Doctrine of God. Many came up to express in broken English how... Keep Reading

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