That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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A snapshot of the ministry in Lebanon.  Please pray for God's work in Lebanon and the Middle East. He is moving to draw all peoples to himself! Delete Lebanon Ministry Update - December 2014  ... Keep Reading

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Hanan protectedPlease be praying for our sister Hanan, who is laboring as an evangelist and administrator in a protected country in the Middle East. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with cancer, and now she is taking chemotherapy, which resulted in a complete loss of her hair, and a severe drop of her immune system.... Keep Reading

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A Brief Update from Lebanon

Posted December 10, 2014 |3 Comments

profile_walid_bPlease pray for Walid B. and God's work in Lebanon and the Middle East! The following is a brief report from him: Dear saints, It is been a long time since I updated you about what is happening in the Middle East. The best thing about the war in the Middle East is that we have now about two million refugees in Lebanon and our churches are filled with Syria... Keep Reading

Middle East One True God books printedThe Church in the Middle East has a great need for solid, Biblical teaching and resources. For Christians living in the Middle East, good books and other resources are difficult to find in their own language. HeartCry is currently working on several translation projects ... Keep Reading

refugee campA short update from Walid B. in Lebanon. Please pray for him and all of the refugees scattered throughout the Middle East! It is snowing in Lebanon tonight. I drove two hours to reach some recently converted refugees in the mountains of Lebanon. I am amazed - God is saving Druze muslims! Amazing testimonies I hear! God is using the war in... Keep Reading

The information in this article is not confirmed by any official sources. If you have any information, please send an email to An article by CoptsToday reported that the Saudi Arabian government may have imposed new laws requiring the death penalty for the illegal smuggling of Bibles into the country (read here). The reports have not been confirmed by any official source. A Saudi Arabian Christian writes: "Dear Brethren, We Christians who are working in Saud... Keep Reading

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HeartCry missionary Dr. Andrew shares one of the many stories about Arabic Christians who are remaining faithful to Christ even in the midst of extreme persecution from radical Islamic groups.... Keep Reading

Taking The Gospel To Kurdistan

Posted November 17, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

The following report is from one of our partners in the Middle East regarding a recent trip to Kurdistan: After three days of evangelism in Turkey we traveled to another area of Kurdistan to prepare the way for the rest of our team - in all there were nine of us from five different countries. Our main purpose in going was to minister to the displaced refugees of Kurdistan by proclaiming the Gospel and distributing food, bibles, and medical supplies.... Keep Reading

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The following is a report from a Christian organization which recently visited Lebanon. May these accounts of God on the move be an encouragement for the Church to plead for an outpouring of grace during this time of great opportunity and open doors.... Keep Reading

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Prayer is needed for missionary pastor Boutros B., who recently moved with his wife to an undisclosed country within the Arabian Peninsula. Please pray for them, their church, and the Middle East as a whole.... Keep Reading

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