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Salam Church (M. East): Pastors Conference

Posted January 4, 2016  by: Josh C. |1 Comments

Jordan conference Dec 2015Last month HeartCry hosted a pastors conference at Salam Church in the Middle East. In attendance were all of the HeartCry-supported missionaries in that country, as well as some members from Salam church and a few other local churches. The speaker for the confer... Keep Reading

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Arabic Bibles Purchased for Distribution

Posted December 15, 2015  by: Josh C. |0 Comments

Walid Bibles Dec 2015.JPGThis month, 500 Arabic New Testaments were purchased for evangelistic distribution in Lebanon and among refugees. Pray that these Bibles would make it into hands that are eager to receive them and that their message would fall upon open ears and prepared hearts.... Keep Reading

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Leonid B. (Israel): Spiritual Sluggishness and Haste

Posted September 18, 2015  by: Josh C. |0 Comments

Dear brothers and sisters! profile_leonid_bI devoted the sermon before the Lord's Supper in August to the subject of sluggishness and haste. Both of these shortcomings disturb us in service to the Lord. A good example of the spiritually unconcerned person is Abraham’s relative Lot: “And when the morning arose, then the angels hastene... Keep Reading

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Amal's Story (M. East): Into God's Family

Posted August 21, 2015  by: Josh C. |8 Comments

Amal is a woman living in the Middle East. This is her story as recorded by Dr. Andrew. My story started 38 years ago. My mother died six months after I was born and from then on I was raised by my father. When I turned 5 years old, my father started working long days without any time off, and so I spent my days with the neighbors until my father came home. My neighbors happened to be Christians, and so at their house I would often hear verses and stories from the Bible, or Christian music play... Keep Reading

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On July 7th, we requested prayer on behalf of Salam Church in the Middle East (read post here). They were experiencing some difficulties with the bank and also with the secret police. Praise the Lord, He has dealt with both of those difficulties! First, the bank has withdrawn its previous questions and restrictions on the church. And second, when Brother Y___ went to report to the police, they couldn't find any record of an appointment and told him he could go home. Please keep praying - there... Keep Reading

Please take some time to pray for the men in the Middle East and their situation. The following is an update sent by Dr. Andrew who helps to administrate and oversee the men on the field. I just got a phone call that the secret police have contacted our team investigating about the funds we get from HeartCry and why we get it. Then the bank also contacted us with many questions asking about the funds we get. We are discussing now finding another way to get the funds to them. I have few optio... Keep Reading

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The Sacrifice Of Christ - Leonid B.

Posted June 5, 2015  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

profile_leonid_bWe celebrated the Passover on the hill directly overlooking the historical place of the Bible called Gehenna – “hell fire”. Among many of our guests was a journalist who writes articles for the regional newspaper. I talked with her about the expiatory sacrifice of Christ and that all people who reject His sacrifice will ... Keep Reading

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Pray for Middle East Pastors Conference

Posted May 28, 2015  by: Josh C. |1 Comments

Pastors and church members will be gathering for the next 3 days at a conference for teaching and fellowship. The president of a Middle Eastern Baptist seminary will be preaching on the Trinity and its practical applications for Christian life and ministry. All of the missionaries supported by HeartCry in undisclosed countries will be in attendance, as well as some brothers who are planting a church in Cairo. Please pray for the preacher as he speaks from God's word, and for all who will be in... Keep Reading

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Sharif (M. East): Ministry Among Muslim Refugees

Posted April 23, 2015  by: Josh C. |3 Comments

Sharif A., a member of Salam Church in an undisclosed Middle Eastern country, shares an update for his ministry among Iraqi and Syrian refugee families. These families are delighted by the love and care of Sharif and his church, but the secret police are not. Please pray for God's powerful intervention, both in the conversion of refugees and the preservation of His servants.... Keep Reading

Hanan protectedDecember 23, 2014: Please be praying for our sister Hanan, who is laboring as an evangelist and administrator in a protected country in the Middle East. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with cancer, and now she is taking chemotherapy, which resulted in a complete loss of her hair, and a severe drop of her immun... Keep Reading

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