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Malachi 1:11

Israeli Churches Need Pastors for the Future

Posted June 26, 2019  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Samuil communion'Light of Life'I was greatly encouraged by my recent visit to ‘Light of Life’ congregation. Pastor Samuil has faithfully shepherded this flock for over 20 years. It was so good to see a group of 60-70 with a healthy mix of ages, especially young families with children. They are a committed chur... Keep Reading

Paul Washer Interviews David Zadok

Posted January 16, 2019  by: S. R. |0 Comments

A video interview with David Zadok and Paul Washer. Brother Zadok is a pastor in Tel Aviv, Israel and the director of Ha Gefen publications.... Keep Reading

Counting the Cost to Obey Christ

Posted December 27, 2017  by: S. R. |0 Comments

Alex baptism 1Brother Leonid serves a congregation in Jerusalem. He wrote about the struggles of a woman who seems to have come to faith: “Recently in Jaffa, an elderly woman from Bulgaria by the name of ‘Virena' has repented. Her parents baptized her as a child in the Orthodox Church. Twenty years ago, ‘Virena' married a Jew and moved t... Keep Reading

Video Interview with Israeli Pastor David

Posted September 29, 2017  by: S. R. |0 Comments

David Z. is the pastor of Grace and Truth Congregation, the largest Reformed Baptist church in Israel.  David also serves as the director of HaGefen, a Christian publishing ministry.  In July, I had the wonderful privilege of spending a week with David, watching his life and ministry firsthand.  In this video interview, he shares about the situation in his local church, the publishing ministry, and the current state of the church in Israel. ... Keep Reading

Leonid B. (Israel): Spiritual Sluggishness and Haste

Posted September 18, 2015  by: Josh C. |0 Comments

Dear brothers and sisters! profile_leonid_bI devoted the sermon before the Lord's Supper in August to the subject of sluggishness and haste. Both of these shortcomings disturb us in service to the Lord. A good example of the spiritually unconcerned person is Abraham’s relative Lot: “And when the morning arose, then the angels hastene... Keep Reading

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The Sacrifice Of Christ - Leonid B.

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profile_leonid_bWe celebrated the Passover on the hill directly overlooking the historical place of the Bible called Gehenna – “hell fire”. Among many of our guests was a journalist who writes articles for the regional newspaper. I talked with her about the expiatory sacrifice of Christ and that all people who reject His sacrifice will ... Keep Reading

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Update From Israel - Leonid B.

Posted July 9, 2014  by: Holden Barry |0 Comments

profile_leonid_bDear brothers and sisters,  Greetings to you from Israel! I went again to a prison near N_____ to minister to the prisoners. Some of them have come to faith in Christ, and we teach them the Scriptures. Others are open to hearing the Gospel, and we seek to evangelize them. Nikolay is one prisoner who has rec... Keep Reading

Leonid: Gospel Opportunities

Posted May 30, 2013  by: Marc Glass |0 Comments

Leonid has recently written about the excellent opportunity he had to spend time with his family in the United States and to share about the love of Christ. He has written the following: Dear brothers and sisters: Greetings to you from Jerusalem! In April my 90 year old father invited me to visit his home in San Jose, California. I stayed with him for two weeks. We walked together much and met with other relatives. Certainly, for me it was a fine opportunity to tell them about the Christ and... Keep Reading

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