That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

'Middle east lightNathan M.' is the director of Middle East Student Fellowship.  His staff risks arrest and deportation to share the gospel on university campuses.  Yet they have the privilege of seeing students from all over the world embrace Christ as their Savior.  In his latest update, 'Nathan' shares ... Keep Reading

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Proclaiming Christ to Pakistanis

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Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.22.32 AMHeartCry continues to pray for opportunities to assist Pakistani churches in proclaiming the authentic gospel and planting biblical churches. Previously, we funded Urdu translations, and we are delighted to presently support a Pakistani church planter/intern named... Keep Reading

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Pray for Pakistan

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Pakistan_Stock_2Of the 200 million people in Pakistan, approximately 99% of the population is Muslim and unreached. Sadly, Christians are marginalized in society and the blasphemy law is a tool used to persecute believers by the Muslim population. Furthermore, the church is small in number and suffers spiritual malnouri... Keep Reading

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SAM_5388 bird flight in Turkey (small)Dr. Andrew has been working with HeartCry since 2012 to coordinate the work in his country. For the last 2 years he has been in the U.S. working on his M.Div and will finish this spring. He is eager to return home and the need there is pulling on him strongly. However, he knows that ... Keep Reading

Glory to my Lord, He is good, He is Kind, He is great. I thank God for you, brothers and sisters. Thank you for reading our reports and caring to know about us. Praise God, I finally delivered my baby boy three months ago. He is so beautiful! I thank God for His great gifts every day. My health is very good and I didn't feel much pain during the surgery. Every day in the morning my husband and I start our day praying and thanking the Lord. This month I will start attending the Saturday women's ... Keep Reading

Shalom, dear friends and coworkers in the Lord! We would like to thank you for your interest in our ministry, for prayer support and participation in solving our problems. In turn, we continue praying for you, your ministries and God’s answers to all your needs, we also continue praising the name of the Lord for making us one Body, of which Christ is the Head. To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen. (Romans 16:27) During the hot Israeli summer, the Lord has bles... Keep Reading

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Dear brothers and sisters! Greetings from Jerusalem! Recently during Tisha B'Av we discussed the reason why the First Temple and the Second Temple were destroyed. The Lord gives the reason in the Bible:“Because they have done that which was evil in my sight, and have provoked me to anger, since the day their fathers came forth out of Egypt, even unto this day” (2 Kings 21:15). Since the time of Israel’s exodus from Egypt, there have passed hundreds of years, during which most... Keep Reading

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Leonid B. (Israel): Spiritual Sluggishness and Haste

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Dear brothers and sisters! profile_leonid_bI devoted the sermon before the Lord's Supper in August to the subject of sluggishness and haste. Both of these shortcomings disturb us in service to the Lord. A good example of the spiritually unconcerned person is Abraham’s relative Lot: “And when the morning arose, then the angels hastene... Keep Reading

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On July 7th, we requested prayer on behalf of Salam Church in the Middle East (read post here). They were experiencing some difficulties with the bank and also with the secret police. Praise the Lord, He has dealt with both of those difficulties! First, the bank has withdrawn its previous questions and restrictions on the church. And second, when Brother Y___ went to report to the police, they couldn't find any record of an appointment and told him he could go home. Please keep praying - there... Keep Reading

Sharif (M. East): Ministry Among Muslim Refugees

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Sharif A., a member of Salam Church in an undisclosed Middle Eastern country, shares an update for his ministry among Iraqi and Syrian refugee families. These families are delighted by the love and care of Sharif and his church, but the secret police are not. Please pray for God's powerful intervention, both in the conversion of refugees and the preservation of His servants.... Keep Reading

Hanan protectedDecember 23, 2014: Please be praying for our sister Hanan, who is laboring as an evangelist and administrator in a protected country in the Middle East. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with cancer, and now she is taking chemotherapy, which resulted in a complete loss of her hair, and a severe drop of her immun... Keep Reading

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Update from Israel - Leonid

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profile_leonid_bDear brothers and sisters! Greetings to you from Israel! As is usually the case, the New Year presented us with both joyful and sad events. We witnessed the dirtiest election campaign in Israel in a quarter of a century. Also, the mother of our translator and musician in our church died after a serious illness. At the same time, our tran... Keep Reading

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, As you may know, I have three places I do ministry in Lebanon (other than the ministry that I help Brother Samuel with in Egypt). The first ministry is the United Nations soldiers who are stationed in Lebanon. We have two groups that I teach – one is from Tanzania and the other is from Ghana and other African countries like Nigeria. Last Sunday we had a young man from San Antonio, TX who taught on “Repentance and Faith.” Today we are saying goodbye ... Keep Reading

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Kurdistan Antony Simon 1-7-2014The following is from a report from Antony S.'s recent gospel relief trip to Kurdistan (Iraq). Read the full report here. I have just arrived back from Iraqi Kurdistan; this was the second trip within one month. Both trips were amazing trip with many opportunities to preach the Gospel. There are so many physical needs and man... Keep Reading

A Brief Update from Lebanon

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profile_walid_bPlease pray for Walid B. and God's work in Lebanon and the Middle East! The following is a brief report from him: Dear saints, It is been a long time since I updated you about what is happening in the Middle East. The best thing about the war in the Middle East is that we have now about two million refugees in Lebanon and our churches are filled with Syria... Keep Reading

refugee campA short update from Walid B. in Lebanon. Please pray for him and all of the refugees scattered throughout the Middle East! It is snowing in Lebanon tonight. I drove two hours to reach some recently converted refugees in the mountains of Lebanon. I am amazed - God is saving Druze muslims! Amazing testimonies I hear! God is using the war in... Keep Reading

An update from Abu Munahid, pastor of Salam Church in an undisclosed country in the Middle East. Introducing Christ to a New Family This month I visited a new family and introduced Jesus's message to them. The father and his wife, the son and his wife, and the daughter and her husband also prayed with me. The woman said that she couldn’t believe in the trinity and the deity of Jesus – it didn't make sense to her. But the Lord is good, He opened a door for me to talk about it. The ... Keep Reading

This article is based on information gathered from a HeartCry-affiliated observer of the underground church in the Arabian Peninsula. Christianity in Arabia A thorough study of the New Testament demonstrates that Christianity had a strong beginning in the Middle East. In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-seventh century that Islam became the dominant religion of the region. But because Islam was founded in an intensely tribal culture, it spread rapidly and sank deeply into all aspects of lif... Keep Reading

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