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Malachi 1:11

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Gustavo Requejo.Profile02We began this month in Huaraz where we went to serve at a camp for children and young people. I had the opportunity to go out into some of the surrounding communities to share the gospel from house to house. The people listened to us very attentively. One man had heard the gospel before, but remained far f... Keep Reading

In July 2014, HeartCry began supporting missionary Esteban Toloza. Several years ago, together with HeartCry missionary Nicolás Serrano, Esteban helped plant Family of Grace Church in Rosario, Argentina, where they now co-pastor the growing congregation. In addition to this, the Lord has opened the door for Nicolás and Esteban to train and assist pastors of new church plants throughout Argentina.... Keep Reading

David Romer, a native of Brazil, shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Portuguese.... Keep Reading

Shortly after his conversion Eduardo became burdened for the further development and preparation of men serving in the ministry in Peru. After working full time with the Centros Teológicos Bautistas de Perú (Baptist Theological Centers of Peru) headed by David Barnes, he is now planting a church in Huaycan, Peru, just outside of the city of Lima.... Keep Reading

Here I am, by the kindness of God, writing a new report. I want to thank you for the time that you take to read these lines, and even more for the time that you set apart to pray for us.... Keep Reading

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, This last month has been one full of the Lord's blessings...July started with a preaching workshop organized by the Charles Simeon Trust. It was wonderful to have around 60 preachers from all over the country join us to study how to preach from Old Testament narrative. The workshop leaders, Jeremy Meeks and Chris Spano were very helpful and inspiring as they helped us to get to grips with 1 Samuel and see how to preach Christ from the text. ... Keep Reading

Rogelio served for years as the pastor of a Baptist church in one of the most dangerous areas of Lima, La Victoria. He is now serving in the church there, while also carrying out a prison ministry.... Keep Reading

Jose Luis is the co-pastor of “Jesus es la Puerta” (Jesus is the Door) Baptist Church in Mallaritos, just outside of Sullana. He also helps teach and lead different sections of the theological education by extension in several different locations.... Keep Reading

Since 2013, HeartCry has been associated with David Barnes in the training of indigenous pastors through the Centros Teológicos Bautistas de Perú (Baptist Theological Centers of Peru), of which he is the director. In order to continue improving his efforts in the training of Peruvian pastors, David has begun a PhD program through a seminary in Guatemala, and HeartCry has agreed to partner with him financially to help with these studies. He continues to direct and teach the Bible Academy, while also carrying out mobile bible academies throughout the jungles of Peru.... Keep Reading

Lima Preaching Seminar with Charles Simeon Trust

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Today begins the second day of an expository preaching seminar in Lima with around 65 pastors and church leaders in collaboration with Charles Simeon Trust (CST). Based on the conviction that the growth of the church depends on the proper exposition and proclamation of God's Word carried out in the power of the Holy Spirit, CST seeks to train men through two or three day seminars covering the basic aspects of expository preaching.... Keep Reading

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