That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Nicolás Serrano - PreachingThis year marks the seventh anniversary of Family of Grace Church, and we recently held a service to celebrate. In one sense, it seems as though it all just began yesterday, but in another sense, each year (especially the first couple) have been so intense that they are worth several! In the meeting we began with so... Keep Reading

Juan Pablo Osorio_prayingIn this valley, people are very attached to Roman Catholicism and there are many festivales celebrating the saints. Also, many men and women live lives of drunkenness. But the Lord is opening doors for them to hear the gospel. This month, the Lord gave me three opportunities to preach the gospel at funeral services. Two... Keep Reading

Jose Luis Siancas_FamilyLast week two psychologists visited our house. The local municipality is doing a campaign to visit, advise, and support families in our town, Marcavelica. They want to help the relationships of husband and wives and of parents and children. We had a conversation for nearly two hours and they confessed that in the conversa... Keep Reading

David Barnes - CSTConference in Cusco April was a busy month traveling around the country. The month started participating as a speaker at a pastors’ conference in Cusco. There were around 120 pastors at the conference, half from Cusco itself and half from all over the country. I was speaking on... Keep Reading

Ariel Umaño was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and came to experience and was met with the saving grace of Christ when he was 22 years old. In 2014, Ariel and his wife Jesica moved to Rosario where they became members of Family of Grace Church. In January of 2017, Family of Grace recognized Ariel as one of the pastors alongside Nicolás Serrano.... Keep Reading

Nicolás Serrano - Preaching 2I write to you with great joy to share with you that your efforts in prayer and giving have changed the life of our church. Because of your support, you’ve made it possible for the other pastor in our church, Ariel Umaño, to serve full-time in the ministry with me. The support that makes it possible... Keep Reading

Oxapampa MotorcycleHeartCry recently purchased a motorcycle for a Peruvian missionary serving in the mountain-jungles of Peru. Below is his brief description of how the Lord has used the generous giving of HeartCry's donors to open up new gospel opportunities: This month we were able, for the first time, to make con... Keep Reading

We are encouraged to see God’s grace in the life of a young lady names Liz, the secretary of the school affiliated with our church. She always heard the preaching of the gospel by the pastors of our church, but she would not attend the services.... Keep Reading

Last year, there was severe flooding in the northern mountains of Peru. The houses surrounding Wilmer Navvaro were destroyed by the rising river, and Wilmer's home was condemned. His family was forced to build a new home a couple hundred yards further up the hill. Thorugh your the support of those who give to HeartCry, we were able to help in a small way by providing the needed funds to build a bathroom for Wilmer and his family. Thank you for your support.     Delete Wilmer Nava... Keep Reading

The rains have slowed down now that we are near the end of the rainy season. It was a very intense rainy season this year. Thankfully, the brothers from the church are able to start working in the fields again, which means that soon there will be more food for everyone. The economic situation in our country is very difficult, and in the jungle it’s especially bad.... Keep Reading

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