That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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HeartCry Missionary Report (July - Aug 2017) by David Barnes with the Baptist Theological Centres in Lima, Peru.... Keep Reading

For the past four years, HeartCry has had the privilege of partnering with a Bible institute in Chazuta, Peru committed to the training of native pastors in the surrounding jungle regions. Recently, through the giving of those who support HeartCry, we were able to provide study Bibles for a group of leaders who lack biblical resources. The following is from Jairo Sangama, who heads up the ministry in Chazuta... Keep Reading

This month has been a little complicated for me because of my health. I have had a bad infection in my throat, which has caused me to be unable to preach and teach, according to the recommendation of the doctor. However, I had already committed to preach for a youth event, and since I had improved a good deal after taking the medication, I decided to go ahead and preach.... Keep Reading

Here in Tarica, Huaraz we are working with joy as we experience the protection, provision, and guidance that God has granted us. By God’s grace and mercy we are advancing in the work here. However, we have faced opposition in Copa Grande. The Catholic priest... Keep Reading

During the month of July we have experienced many joys. To begin with, we celebrated five baptisms. I’m going to share briefly about each of the new believers. ... Keep Reading

We have had increasing numbers of students enroll with us over recent months which has been exciting to see. After around 20 students attended David Silva's course on Inductive Bible Study back in April, the next month I taught on the subject of the Theology and Practice of Worship to 26 students in the city of Arequipa. The class was very well received and all of the students were challenged to reevaluate and make changes to their corporate worship practices.... Keep Reading

This month has been paradoxical, because though there have been many personal trials that have at times been a discouragement and have even caused tears, at the same time I have seen God move in the church, as I’ve seen how the brothers and sisters have helped me and brothers have stepped up to assume greater teaching responsibilities both in the services and in the homes that we visit.... Keep Reading

This month we have had some very helpful activities at our church. On Father’s Day we took food to the fathers of several of the children who have been coming to our Bible school. We served the food to the parents in honor of their children. Above all, this ministry served to show these parents that, although we are a small congregation, we desire to serve others and are not just looking out for our own interests.... Keep Reading

Early this month, we went with some other members of our church to visit and encourage a servant of the Lord that has been suffering from a terminal illness. His name is Efrain, and his physical condition is very precarious. He was one of the teachers that worked alongside me in the Bible institutes that we held for pastors in the mountains. Please, pray for him and his family.... Keep Reading

On Saturday, June 17, our brother Marcos passed into the presence of the Lord. He was a lawyer by profession and was 29 years old, a very young man. But the testimony he gave in the end was impactful. He had enough strength to proclaim the gospel to his father and his brothers, as well as his friends, and they repented and believed during these moments of agony.... Keep Reading

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