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Growing Need for Biblical Training in Argentina

Posted September 12, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

In a recent report, Nicolas Serrano further informed us of the urgent need for laborers in Argentina. Nicolas and Esteban (his co-pastor) have received emails and phone calls from all over Argentina, ranging anywhere from northern towns near the Brazil and Paraguay borders to the very southern tip of the country, asking for help in teaching and training. Many congregations throughout the country consist of believers that have been converted through preaching on the internet, and most are lacking any trained pastor. The following is an excerpt from the recent report that Nicolas sent to us.... Keep Reading

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Igor Dias From Peru: The Importance of Fellowship

Posted September 10, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Read part of a missions update from Igor Dias. In this report he encourages us to remember the immense blessing that it is to be able to meet together with other believers, and also gives a needed reminder of the responsibility that each of us has in caring for and loving the Bride of Christ. ... Keep Reading

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Peru and Argentina Trip - May/June 2013

Posted September 6, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

After a spending a month with the missionaries in Peru and Argentina, I am greatly encouraged by what we are seeing the Lord accomplish there. We were able to spend time individually with all but two of the missionaries in the two countries....... Keep Reading

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