That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Jose Luis Siancas - profileThe Lord has given me grace to teach and preach more this past month than usual. At the same time, He has reminded me about the importance of prayer. As a pastor, the Lord called me to a ministry of prayer and of the Word, and I try to live faithful to that calling (Acts 6:4). However, ... Keep Reading

Jorge MarsanoConsider, for a moment, that the salvation of sinners—with all the beauty, joy, and wonder that is wrapped up in seeing sinners saved—is but one of the very important means by which we pursue the great goal of ministry: that God be glorified. It is crucial that we develop a theology of evangelism and missions that centers on the g... Keep Reading

Rosario - Praying 2Patricia* is a young woman that comes from a dysfunctional context. For much of her childhood her parents were separated, even though they lived under the same roof. Nearly her entire life she has suffered verbal abuse and different forms of mistreatment by her father. Both of her parents professed to... Keep Reading

Arturo Marin - PreachingVicente is married and has two adult children. For years he was a faithful deacon and has always been very esteemed by the church. From the time I’ve known him, he has been a man of integrity and has always had a good reputation as a godly man. While I was still living in Lima before go... Keep Reading

Rogelio "Cuba" Acea was rescued from a life of drugs on the streets of Peru, and was brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. His life is a wonderful testimony to the saving power of the gospel, rescuing us from our enmity with God and changing our hearts to make us followers of Jesus Christ.... Keep Reading

Cuba - BooksThrough a pastor that heads up a literature project in Cuba, HeartCry was able to print and distribute 1000 more copies of Paul Washer's workbook, "Knowing the Living God." Together with last year's printing of 1000 copies of the same book, 2000 people will now receive a very useful workbook that walks them through what the Bible reveals about the... Keep Reading

We received this "thank you" letter from a missionary in Peru, Jorge Marsano. Over the past two years, HeartCry has had the opportunity to support Jorge in the mountain jungles of Oxapampa, Peru, where he is doing the work of church planting, as well as visiting and strengthening a number of churches in the surrounding area... Keep Reading

Rosario_corporate prayerJavier’s whole live was devoted to satisfying his selfish desires, seeking to enjoy a life without any commitments and wanting to fill his heart with sinful pleasures. He met the lady that is now his wife, and while they were dating she began to attend a church (one that preached the ... Keep Reading

Rosario_Retreat1This month we were able to have a retreat for two days with the young men and women in our church. After nearly eight years as a church, it was the first time we’ve been able to do something like this. We wanted to give the young people time set apart for us to serve them and to disciple them accordi... Keep Reading

Nicomedes_profile 04This month I went with brother Urbano Gomez to a place called Hualanga, which is very far away from our district in Pacaipampa. We decided to go there to evangelize because a few weeks ago we were hired by the town to do some work there, and while we were there we found out that there were no belie... Keep Reading

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