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Rogelio Acea: "...thankful that He uses us"

Posted June 6, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Rogelio shares how the Lord showed Himself faithful in his wife's recovery from an illness, and also informs us of how the Lord gave them an opportunity to be salt and light during their weeks in a Lima hospital. Pray that their regular evangelistic visits to the hospital to encourage the patients and their families with the Word will be blessed and fruitful.... Keep Reading

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Pastor Miguel Carhuapoma, serving in the mountains of northern Peru in the small town of Chipillico, shares how the Lord continues to open doors for the Word to go forth, even though at times through sad and difficult circumstances. Please pray that such opportunities would continue to be given to Miguel to speak forth the truth. Also, Miguel has asked for prayer for the health of his family, especially for his son who has been battling with severe headaches and nausea.... Keep Reading

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José Luis Siancas shares about the fruit he is seeing through biblical instruction on the family, and also explains how through his efforts to help his own congregation, the Lord is opening up doors for him to be used and influence other congregations in the surrounding area. Pray that God would cause such teachings to exalt the Gospel of His Son in Jose Luis' church, in the surrounding churches, and also in the evangelistic preaching in the streets.... Keep Reading

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Read Ivan Tassara's most recent update on his life and ministry in Sullana, Peru. Ivan is the pastor of a church that was recently planted on the outskirts of the city. In this report he helps us see the difficult nature of life and ministry there, and also shares about the encouragement both he and the church are finding in the truths of God's Word. Please join us in praying for Ivan's family and the church, and also for the salvation lost sinners in Sullana.... Keep Reading

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Logos Software for Missionaries

Posted May 19, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

In an effort to encourage and aid in further equipping some of the young missionaries we support, HeartCry has provided four pastors in Peru, Argentina, and Brazil with the Spanish edition of Logos Bible Software. This resource provides these men with commentaries, word study tools, sound literature, and other useful materials. Thanks to the giving of the brothers and sisters that the Lord has raised up to support and pray for this ministry, these men now have a much needed study tool to help them be more effective in accurately handling the Word of Truth.... Keep Reading

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May thanks always be given to our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings He has poured out on my family and ministry. This month we have seen more people awakened to their need for Christ through the preaching of the Gospel. On the 27th of April we held a preaching event to which we invited all the parents of the children involved in the Compassion ministry in our city. Many of these parents have occasionally come to our church services, but it seems that recently very few have been attending.... Keep Reading

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Ivan Tassara

Posted May 7, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Thanks be to our God, who leads us from victory to victory, and who manifests the fragrance of the knowledge of Him through His people. How great our God is and how small we are, and yet it is His good pleasure to use us to announce the glories and riches of His Kingdom.... Keep Reading

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Walter Isse: Increasing in Love

Posted May 3, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Walter Isse.Teaching.03 copy.JPGIt is always a great joy and privilege to inform you all of what God is doing in our midst. We are always giving thanks to God because we see the faith and love of the believers growing each day, and we are seeing that they themselves are being taught and instructed by God as to how the... Keep Reading

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Literature Project in Peru's Jungles

Posted April 28, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Two weeks ago, pastors from many different villages and towns throughout the jungles of Peru met in the town of Chazuta, near Tarapoto, for a week of training. Through the generous giving of those who support the ministry of HeartCry, we were able to provide all 40 pastors with a Strong's Concordance, which for many is the only literature they have other than a study Bible.... Keep Reading

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Bible Conference: Rosario, Argentina

Posted April 23, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Conference Gallery From April 17 to April 20, Paul Washer and I traveled to Rosario, Argentina to help conduct a Bible conference for Argentine pastors. A small group of 15 pastors attended, coming from all different parts of the country. Several of the men came from Buenos Aires, some came from a small port-city about twelve hours south of Rosario, and some came all the way from the southernmost region of Argentina near the Patagonia. The structure of the conference was aimed at a more person... Keep Reading

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