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Javier Carhuapoma: Marriages Transformed by the Gospel

Posted September 4, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Javier Carhuapoma gives an update on how the proclamation of the Gospel is bearing fruit in families in Paita. As the foundation of all of life, and especially of marriage, the Gospel is proving to be the power of God for salvation for all who believe. Pray that the Lord would continue to pour out His grace upon Javier's ministry on the northern coasts of Perú, and that the proclamation of our Savior would be accompanied with great power.... Keep Reading

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Three months ago, my dad Solomon became gravely ill, and without seeing any improvement we admitted him to the hospital. After 18 days, he passed away. Even more significant than the sadness and affliction of seeing my father suffer, was the faithfulness and devotion to God that I saw in him the last few days of his life. Even though my dad suffered from dementia, he never forgot his Lord and Savior.... Keep Reading

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Once a year, hundreds of believers from the mountains of Pacaipampa in northern Peru meet together for several days of teaching, worship, and prayer. In this particular region of the country, there are around 45 churches, and very few of the pastors have any type of formal training, or even any literature outside of the Bible. In an effort to help facilitate the preparation of the pastors in Pacaipampa, HeartCry has provided 60 pastoral libraries (consisting of a Study Bible, concordance, dictionary, and "Pastoral Ministry" by John MacArthur), which will be given to all of the pastors in the region and also to a few other leaders that are helping with teaching and preaching.... Keep Reading

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Beloved brothers and sisters, it is my sincere desire that our God would continue to equip you for every good work and that He would cause you to abound in love for His glorious name and for those who serve Him. These weeks have been of great encouragement to me.... Keep Reading

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Gustavo Requejo is currently planting a church in Villa María del Triunfo, which is a very poor district of Lima. Over the past year he has been laboring in evangelism in public places, as well as pastoring the believers that have begun meeting together there. In an effort to proclaim the Gospel to more people in the surrounding community, he has asked us to pray for strength and endurance in evangelism and preaching. ... Keep Reading

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Literature Project: Library for Ivan Tassara

Posted August 18, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

As the Lord continues to add to the number of believers in Nueva Esperanza, where Ivan Tassara is pastoring a new church plant, the need for sound biblical resources has also increased. In an effort to help Ivan in his own studies, in discipleship of men for the ministry, and in the general growth of the brothers and sisters of the congregation, HeartCry has provided a basic church library, with themes ranging from the pastoral ministry and systematic theology, to instruction on marriage and personal study of the Word. The following is a brief description of the way the materials will be used for the edification of the local church:... Keep Reading

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Jose Luis, in addition to pastoring the local church, has a burden for training other pastors in sound doctrine and practice. Lately, there have been more opportunities for him to visit and train a group of pastors in the northern foothills of the Andes Mountains, and he has also been able to visit several churches throughout the region to strengthen and encourage the believers.... Keep Reading

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Concordances and Study Bibles for Andean Pastors

Posted August 13, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Photo Gallery Over the past year, HeartCry has come alongside Jairo Sangama in the training of pastors in the jungles and mountains of Peru through the provision of resources such as Study Bibles, dictionaries, concordances, etc. We recently had the opportunity to provide him with more training tools for 25 pastors from the Andes Mountains who met in Cuzco for a week of courses. Each of the 25 men that received a Study Bible and concordance are currently pastors of congregations and are eager t... Keep Reading

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Juan Pablo Osorio: Evangelism in Chorrillos, Lima

Posted August 12, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Juan Pablo Osorio shares some insight into the evangelism efforts of the church he is pastoring in Chorrillos, as well as certain challenges they face. Let's make the most of this helpful information as we take our brothers and sisters before the Lord, asking him to make their efforts to proclaim the Gospel effective for the conversion of many.... Keep Reading

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Wehrner Pancorbo, serving as a church planter in Cuzco, Peru, gives an update on the growth the church is seeing through intentionality in discipleship. He explains the ways in which Grace Christian Church in Cuzco is seeking to be diligent in fulfilling the Great Commission.... Keep Reading

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