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Malachi 1:11

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Nicolas Serrano: "What does the Lord have planned?"

Posted December 12, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Nicolas shares about the recent increase in the number of people contacting them with requests for help. After several years of praying for revival, Nicolas is hopeful that this might be the beginning of the Lord responding to their request. He pleads with us as well to ask the Lord to send revival across the needy land of Argentina, for the advancement of Christ's fame.... Keep Reading

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Rogelio Acea, serving as a teacher and evangelist in a difficult district of LIma, shares about how the Lord turned seemingly gloomy circumstances during his wife's illness into an opportunity for His kingdom to go forth in Dos de Mayo hospital in Lima, Peru. Please pray for Rogelio and his wife as they continue to minister among the patients of Dos de Mayo hospital.... Keep Reading

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Esteban Toloza: More Harvest than Laborers

Posted December 3, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Laboring as one of the pastors of a church plant in Rosario, Argentina, Esteban writes with regard to the constant need for more laborers in a land with such a plentiful harvest. He shares with us the burden he has to see solid churches planted across the nation.... Keep Reading

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In the month of October, Sugel Michelén taught a series of sermons in Spanish on Biblical Theology: Jesus in all the Bible.  The series can be found here. En octubre, Sugel Michelén enseñó una serie de predicaciones sobre el tema de la Teología Bíblica: Jesus a través de toda la Biblia. La serie se puede encontrar aquí.... Keep Reading

Ways to Pray for Pastoral Training in Latin America

Posted November 25, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

In 2015 there are several opportunities that the Lord has opened up for HeartCry missionaries to be involved in the preparation of pastors and church planters in Latin America. Please join us in praying specifically for these opportunities, that they might all be useful in raising up strong, Christ-centered churches across the region, led by men who are rooted and grounded in the Scriptures. We recognize that all of these efforts are futile, apart from God graciously granting power and effectiveness to the teaching and application of His Word. Please ask that He would grant lasting fruit in each of these opportunities.... Keep Reading

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While we often think primarily of evangelism when we hear the Great Commission, Walter reminds us that there is another important aspect that Jesus left with His disciples, which is the discipleship and instruction of those who repent and believe. Walter shares how the Lord is teaching him the significance of this portion of the Great Commission, and also some of the ways the Lord is uniting the heart of the men in the congregation to fulfill this call. ... Keep Reading

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Nicolas shares a few testimonies of the Lord's faithfulness in his life and ministry in the month of October. He explains how the Lord brought one of His children out from the midst of false teachers, and shares his burden that the Lord might send revival to Argentina, where the prosperity gospel and a superficial christianity run rampant. ... Keep Reading

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Esteban Toloza: Clear Signs of a New Life

Posted November 14, 2014  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

In an excerpt from his most recent report, Esteban writes about a demonstration of God's saving power in the conversion of two unlikely converts. He reminds us all of the incredible reality that the work we see the Lord doing in our own lives and the work that He is accomplishing through us is only a greater evidence that He treats us not according to what we deserve, but according to the depths of His mercy.... Keep Reading

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The following is the transcription of an interview with HeartCry missionary Urbano Gomez. For over 20 years, Urbano has been laboring in Gospel missions in his home region of Pacaipampa, in the rugged northern mountains of Peru. In this interview, he describes how the Lord has worked in Pacaipampa over the past 40 years as he has seen the Gospel go forth with great power across the region, even in the midst of staunch opposition. This interview gives helpful insight into the life of a missionary in the mountains of Peru, and will hopefully serve as a helpful guide in laboring with Urbano and other ministers of the Gospel there through our prayers.... Keep Reading

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After studying in the Dominican Republic, Ivan returned to Peru and began a church plant on the outskirts of Sullana, in a community called Nueva Esperanza. In this video he shares of how the church of Sullana began, and also describes some of the ways he has seen the Lord work in its short history. ... Keep Reading

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