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Malachi 1:11

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In this report Nicolás shares about the importance and priority of love in the life of the believer and also about the need to learn to rejoice always in the providence of God. Please pray for Nicolás and his wife Andrea, as well as for all the believers in Family of Grace Church as they seek to make the Gospel known to the Glory of God in Rosario, Argentina.... Keep Reading

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Carlos Carhuapoma is the pastor of a church plant in Sapillica, Peru, located in the Andes Mountains near the border of Ecuador. In this recent missions report he shares about the fruit the Lord is bringing forth through the efforts in Sapillica, and he also shares about some of the difficulties that a missionary in the mountains of Peru often faces, such as harmful insects and tarantulas. Let's join the labors of Carlos by praying that the Lord would grant this brother's petition, that God would bring "more souls to His feet in Sapillica."... Keep Reading

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Urbano Gomez is a missionary serving in Pacaipampa, in the northern Andes Mountains of Peru. He works mostly with new church plants and also leads evangelism in villages where there is no Gospel presence. He shares with us in this report some of the ways that he has been able to strengthen and encourage a few of the churches throughout this region. Please join us in praying for open doors for our Brother Urbano to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also pray for preparation and equipping of the pastors that Urbano is teaching and discipling.... Keep Reading

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Ivan Tassara: Growing in Evangelism and Discipleship

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Ivan Tassara is the pastor of a new church plant in Nueva Esperanza, Sullana, in the northern coastal region of Peru. He writes in this recent missions update about the increased desire among the believers for evangelism and deeper study of the Scriptures. Please join Ivan in praying that in these early stages of the church's development, the believers in Nueva Esperanza would be increasingly rooted and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that enduring fruit would come as a result.... Keep Reading

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Gustavo Requejo: New Location, New Opportunities

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Gustavo Requejo and the body of believers he leads in Villa el Salvador, Lima have recently moved to a new meeting place in a different community. With the new location come new opportunities to proclaim Christ. Gustavo also asks us to be praying that as the opportunities for ministry are increasing, the Lord would raise up more laborers to help lead the congregation.... Keep Reading

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Walter Isse: Striving After Maturity

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The following is the most recent missions report from HeartCry Missionary Walter Isse. Walter is serving as a teacher both in the local church and in the Bible Academy in Lima. Please join with us in praying that the Lord would continue to bring forth enduring fruit through the ministry of our brother Walter.... Keep Reading

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Nicolás Serrano: Open Doors for Training Pastors

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Nicolás explains how God continues to open doors for the church in Rosario to help other believers from around Argentina. The Lord continues to bring church leaders from other cities to Rosario in order to receive instruction in the Word of God for further equipping in pastoral ministry. Pray that the Lord would grant Nicolás and his co-pastor Esteban wisdom as they seek to be faithful with the believers the Lord is enabling them to help.... Keep Reading

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Nicolás Serrano has been one of the pastors of Family of Grace Church in Rosario, Argentina since it was planted over four years ago. He now shares some encouraging news of progress in the lives of the believers and growth together as a congregation. The need for more laborers remains a constant need, and Nicolás asks us all to join with him in prayer that the Lord would raise up more teachers and evangelists in the church in Rosario. ... Keep Reading

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Greetings in the name of our Father, the God of all comfort and Father of mercies. The grace of God has been with us and is with us always. This month has been one of both great blessing and many trials. It has been one year since we moved to Nueva Esperanza to begin this new church plant. The work is difficult, but also rewarding, because the providence of God has always blessed us.... Keep Reading

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Wehrner Pancorbo: A growing church in Cuzco

Posted November 19, 2013  by: Luke Nash |0 Comments

Earlier this year, Wehrner Pancorbo moved from Chiclayo to begin a church plant in Cuzco, where he was raised. The following is a portion of a recent missions report regarding the fruit they have seen in the congregation over the past month. Praise God for the work he is doing in this young congregation, and let us labor with Wehrner in prayer for the strengthening of the church and for the salvation of the vast multitudes who have yet to bow the knee to Christ in that city.... Keep Reading

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